Headlines That Will Garner Free Publicity For Financial Planners

Written by Ned Steele

Taking your ad and turning it into paragraph-style prose is not a press release – chances are it will only leadrepparttar publisher to call and invite you to run it as a paid ad. A press release is for news or for information about a topicrepparttar 144618 audience needs to know.

Any press release that reads too much like an ad will likely lead a media person to forward it torepparttar 144619 advertising department.

For example, here's a headline that sounds too much like an ad:

"Financial Planner Chet Thompson Saved Families $600,000 On Estate Taxes Last Year"

This headline is attention-getting, but forrepparttar 144620 wrong reasons. It doesn't tellrepparttar 144621 media person anything other than that Chet Thompson is a good financial planner. This isn't news. But that same headline can easily be rewritten to sound more "newsy":

Publicity Won't Thrive on Press Releases Alone

Written by Ned Steele

Press releases are a useful tool for announcing news and for keeping your name inrepparttar mind ofrepparttar 144617 news media.

But you can't build a successful publicity campaign on press releases alone, forrepparttar 144618 simple reason that very few press releases ever make it intorepparttar 144619 paper.

You may think that your press release contains terrific, useful news, but you share that belief withrepparttar 144620 other three hundred people that sent their press release torepparttar 144621 newspaper that day. If newspapers used every press release they got, paperboys would lose their jobs—the morning paper would have to be delivered by forklift.

Reporters are inundated by press releases. Some get 60 press releases a day—and on a good day they have time to write only two stories.

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