Headline Junkie

Written by David Galluzzo

Oh it's true, admit it, you can not resist those titillating text links beckoning to you to "Click Now" and "Discover Secrets Revealed" or "How to Explode Your Traffic". You ask yourself, can they really believe I would be so naive as to click on that? And then you do! Don't worry you're alright, we all click on them, and if not maybe we should because there is a valuable marketing lesson to be learned within. Writing provocative headlines and titles could berepparttar single most important advertising skill you can develop. Writing powerful headlines that command an immediate response and call to action will stimulate growth and sales faster than anything else anyone can recommend. The words that you use in your headlines will instantly determine, in many readers minds,repparttar 125239 enthusiasm or interest level that they will have for your product. If you can't lead buyers to your offer, then you really have nothing more than a pretty web page and a complete waste of your time. Which ofrepparttar 125240 following examples peaks your curiosity and urges an immediate response fromrepparttar 125241 reader? Headline #1: We offer great products at fair prices - visit today and recieve a free offer! or Headline #2: Breakthrough Products Revealed - Save Money and Get Results. Download Free $40.00 Software Instantly. Click Now! I hope you chose number two, because no matter how sophisticated


Written by Donald B. Kramer

Professionals have been slow to realizerepparttar enormous value ofrepparttar 125238 Internet as an advertising medium. Many have adopted e-mail and developed websites, but they don't know what to do with them. Every day, thousands of consumers and businesses search for professionals onrepparttar 125239 internet. Major law firms will often spend thousands of dollars on a website, but hesitate to spend $295 on "Lawyers.com" or even $100 for a yearly listing at http://www.Attorneyfind.com Smaller firms, often spending less than $300 for a website, have been able to take great advantage ofrepparttar 125240 opportunities left open byrepparttar 125241 large firms. Sole practitioners, withrepparttar 125242 help of good web designers, look like a "class act" torepparttar 125243 Internet viewer. Here are some tips for those building a website: 1. Makerepparttar 125244 site simple and easy to navigate. Let visitors knowrepparttar 125245 basic facts onrepparttar 125246 opening screen. 2. Avoid graphics that will slow downrepparttar 125247 loading ofrepparttar 125248 site. Internet viewers are impatient and will not wait even a few seconds. There's no need for animation to catch attention. At this point,repparttar 125249 viewer is ready for facts. 3. Place your e-mail address onrepparttar 125250 site, available for use byrepparttar 125251 viewer who loves to communicate by e-mail. 4. Read your e-mail regularly. Internet users expect prompt responses. For those wanting to take a step further and actually advertise onrepparttar 125252 internet (in addition to being on EVERY directory they can afford)heed these words of caution: The Internet goes to more than 60 million viewers WORLDWIDE. Therefore, target your ad to avoid useless messages from visitors you are unable to

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