Hazards of Extreme Camping

Written by J. D. Adams

Hazards of Extreme Camping By J. D. Adams Seeking direction as a youth, I bought a compass and wandered intorepparttar savage heart ofrepparttar 118200 wilderness. Oregon's history came alive as I retraced pioneer trails and skied cross-country to skyline camps. Now, grizzled and trout revering, I offer this to show that extreme camping is so much more than survivingrepparttar 118201 crux of desolation in wet shoes. Many campers have succumbed to their own camping equipment. Mummy bags were named for their tendency to shift around onrepparttar 118202 victim duringrepparttar 118203 night, so you wake up facing an ominously shroud-like interior. Only by struggling absurdly withrepparttar 118204 sleeping bag can one return torepparttar 118205 world ofrepparttar 118206 living. Often duringrepparttar 118207 struggle, everything inrepparttar 118208 tent containing Velcro will attach itself aroundrepparttar 118209 victim, creating a monstrous appearance. The flailing around will eventually rollrepparttar 118210 tent over, impalingrepparttar 118211 occupants on camping sundries and covering them with loose oatmeal. The modified mummy bag with a fuller cut is more comfortable and less likely to incite claustrophobic reactions. Tents can function as rain collection devices, drawing moisture intorepparttar 118212 seams and throughrepparttar 118213 fabric by a process still a mystery to camping scientists. Condensation and leakage collaborate to floatrepparttar 118214 occupant on an inland sea, or upon rising,repparttar 118215 victim is met by gallons of super-cooled water holding inrepparttar 118216 tent fly such that rebirth and amphibious regression are not unlikely. The stakes are high inrepparttar 118217 tent game, where experience with a good basic design likerepparttar 118218 freestanding dome tent will ensure dry and comfortable slumber. Before setting up your tent, inspectrepparttar 118219 lay ofrepparttar 118220 ground for where water may pool up, and look overhead for precarious snags and branches.

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Drinking Coffee

Written by Deb Voss Quail and Roxanne Vincent

After analyzing over 17,000 Dutch men and women, researchers recently concluded that those who drank seven or more cups of coffee a day were half as likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who drank two cups or less. The study was led by Rob van Dam while atrepparttar Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment in Bilthoven. Order another espresso for Mr. von Dam, please, while I finish my double cappuccino and expound onrepparttar 118199 array of knowledge learned from my bottomless-cup-of-coffee:

Good friendships are like good coffee; strong, stimulating, and addictive.

Coffee is a comfort food in nearly every culture. Therefore, travelrepparttar 118200 globe, drink espresso, and make international friends. Do your part for world peace.

Sleep is a side effect of caffeine deprivation. Drink coffee now.

Always tip generously atrepparttar 118201 coffee counter. They’ll remember you ... it matters.

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