Having troubles with Flash?

Written by Marianne Gorenstein

Web-designers, web-masters, Flash professionals and those new to Macromedia Flash products, sooner or later facerepparttar problem: most SWF files take time to load and run. There are some ways to cope with a few optimization parameters and make your SWF somewhat smaller. However,repparttar 107790 results of such attempts are overwhelmingly insufficient, so now SoftInfinity presents a different approach to Flash optimization.

Flash Optimizer has been designed as a handy utility, intending to assist Flashers in intellectual optimization of SWF files. Flash Optimizer has been available for people worldwide for 2 months and proved to reduce SWF files size up to 60-70% without quality loss. Do you think itís impossible? It is not. Flash Optimizer uses amazing algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts and other optimizations that let it perform compression with impressive results. Wouldn't you enjoy being able to optimize not just a separate part of your Flash movie, butrepparttar 107791 whole SWF, including curves, zero-objects, ZLib optimization plus other advanced techniques?

Advantages of Buying Used Servers

Written by Tony Rice

Are you or your company in need of another server, butrepparttar cost is too high? Do you feel like you are paying a large sum of money for a new system and you arenít gettingrepparttar 107789 configuration that you were hoping for because it is too costly? Are you looking to getrepparttar 107790 most equipment forrepparttar 107791 amount of money you have budgeted? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions than this isrepparttar 107792 article for you! Used Servers can be purchased and configured to your needs, while saving you a bundle. Here are some ofrepparttar 107793 benefits of buying used. First and foremost, buying used server equipment saves you money! In fact, at http://www.FocusTechnology.com, you can save upwards 70% on some items! This allows you to invest that money elsewhere, and makes your boss happy. Here is an example ofrepparttar 107794 savings in used:

Focus Technology Price: Sun E250 (used) $1,000.00

Competitive Price on a similar Configuration Sun E250 (new) $12,999.00

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