Having Your Beautiful Wedding--Without "Busting" Your Budget.

Written by Larry Denton

He's poppedrepparttar question. And you said "Yes!" Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, one ofrepparttar 105644 most anticipated and important days of your entire life. You want it to be a one-of-kind, Cinderella-like, unforgettable and memorable occasion for both you and your guests. So nowrepparttar 105645 planning begins. With literally a thousand things to arrange beforerepparttar 105646 big day, this is going to take some real decision making. Where do you start in planning forrepparttar 105647 "perfect" wedding? As with everything else that involves marriage, it is vitally important that you discussrepparttar 105648 event with your future spouse. Communication between partners is absolutely vital for a strong and enduring marriage. It is important to get your life as a married couple off to a good start and talking with your partner aboutrepparttar 105649 upcoming wedding is an excellent place to begin.

No doubt, weddings can be expensive. The average cost of a wedding today is near $25,000 andrepparttar 105650 wedding industry makes $25.3 billion a year. But your wedding need not bankrupt you or your parents in order for it to be as unique and special as you want it to be. With a little guidance, a few tips and some recommendations we can fulfill your fantasy wedding dreams without starting married life in serious financial difficulty.

First, talk to your partner about expectations. How do you seerepparttar 105651 wedding? Do you want a formal wedding in a grand cathedral or something more casual? Will it be a large wedding or a small, intimate ceremony with family and a few friends? Indoor ceremony or outdoors? Next, begin to budget forrepparttar 105652 itemsrepparttar 105653 two of you have agreed upon.

Creating A Wedding Budget You Can Afford

Written by Alan Allport

The most important part of planning a wedding is setting your budget. Your budget is important because it is next to impossible to know what you can afford for each major part ofrepparttar wedding if you donít set an overall cost that is comfortable for you. You will probably find that decidingrepparttar 105643 budget isrepparttar 105644 hardest job to do because, of course, you want to haverepparttar 105645 best and most memorable wedding you can possibly have.

The days whenrepparttar 105646 wedding was paid for byrepparttar 105647 parents ofrepparttar 105648 bride are almost gone now. Parents will often contribute torepparttar 105649 wedding cost as a gift torepparttar 105650 couple, but it is pretty rare for parents to coverrepparttar 105651 whole cost ofrepparttar 105652 wedding.

Usually this is becauserepparttar 105653 parents simply canít afford it. But couples today often prefer to pay for their own weddings because it ensures that they can plan themrepparttar 105654 way that they want to without interference.

These days, 4 out of 5 couples pay for their own wedding and it helps to know how your budget should be broken down.

When creating your budget, you will first begin withrepparttar 105655 overall amount that you can afford to spend. The average wedding today costs approximately $19,000. This is not a definite, but this is whatrepparttar 105656 statistics currently show.

Now you will need to take that overall budget amount and split it percentage-wise for each major aspect of your wedding e.g. how much to spend onrepparttar 105657 wedding clothing,repparttar 105658 rings, catering, decoratingrepparttar 105659 venue etc. If you are not good at percentages, you can always utilizerepparttar 105660 Internet and check withrepparttar 105661 various websites that offer you free or cheap wedding budget calculators that will do it for you.

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