Having Difficulty Writing A Compelling Offer? Click On A TV Infomercial!

Written by Paula Morrow

Yes it's true. Everything I ever needed to learn about assembling a compelling offer, especially tellingrepparttar difference between features and benefits, I learned from TV infomercials!

Now, just give me a second here.

Remember when you first started learning how to write copy? Whether for a classified ad or a sales letter, it was drummed in that it had to be a 'compelling offer,' heavy on benefits, not features.

But, tellingrepparttar 108179 difference between benefits and features, plus putting togetherrepparttar 108180 offer in a convincing way, was a bit tough.

Then, late one night, I stumbled (clicked?) onto a secret treasure trove of ideas, that I've continued to use to this day.

If you want to hear benefit-laden offers presented in a emotional and compelling manner, just watchrepparttar 108181 infomercials!

Note how they effectively userepparttar 108182 following (think you could incorporate any of these in your offers?):

*Testimonials. The participants describerepparttar 108183 products used on a very emotional level. Because they took a chance and ordered, their complexions are now clearer, waistbands looser, their meat grills easier (and with less fat)...

By positioningrepparttar 108184 testimonials in such a way thatrepparttar 108185 audience identifies with them makesrepparttar 108186 'what's in it for me' come across in a very clear and compelling way.

*The Concept of Value. A full-size product comes with a free 'travel size.' The order comes complete with bonus audio tapes and 'quick start' videos. Or you get a lovely bathrobe along withrepparttar 108187 leg waxing kit.

How To Make Your Sales Letters Bullet Proof

Written by Mike Jezek

I'm going to show you inrepparttar next few moments how to make your sales letters and direct mail several times more powerful. In fact, what I'm about to emphasize to you may enable you to eat more of your competitors market share. Every time before you sit down to write your sales letters or direct mail take out a sheet of paper and think of every possible objection your prospect could come up with to avoid buying your product or service. This may take a while and it may seem a pain at first but I assure you that this is incredibly important. After you have come up with every possible reason why your prospects may say no to your offer, stop and consider any possible objections that may come up related to your specific industry or specific tastes of your target market. In other words, would your market be more inclined to buy only brand name products or services, would your market be more inclined to buy only a more attractive product over a less attractive one irregardless of quality? Ok, now let's say you've done all ofrepparttar 108178 above. Here's what you do next. Think very carefully about how you'd overcome those objections to persuade Mr. Prospect to buy or respond.

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