Have your name removed from Telemarketing Lists and DMA

Written by Max Penn

How often do you pick uprepparttar mail only to find that most of what you receive is "junk mail" ? If you are like most of us, you receive more junk mail than mail that is actually of interest. Junk mail does not pose a direct threat to our privacy and security in and of itself. However,repparttar 143182 fact that your name, address, and who knows what other personal information is being sold, rented, or given torepparttar 143183 companies that send outrepparttar 143184 junk mail filling your mailbox should be of concern.

The question to ask yourself--and perhaepsrepparttar 143185 companies with which you choose to conduct business--is, "What right does a company have to use my personal information in it's marketing schemes without my consent?" If a company is going to make a profit by selling your personal information, it should be at least have your permission to do so,

A REAL THREAT While i have said that junk mail does not pose a direct threat to our privacy and security in and of itself, there is in fact a very real threat from direct marketing (junk mail) and telemarketers. Many companies are using prison inmates to conduct telemarketing and screen responses to direct marketing.

The November 15, 2001 edition ofrepparttar 143186 Abilene Reporter-News reported that a Texas woman, April Jordan, has filed a lawsuit against Sandsar Family Entertainment for putting her family at risk by using felons to conduct telemarketing. Accoridng torepparttar 143187 reports, Jordan's 14-year-old daughter answeredrepparttar 143188 felon's telemarketing call torepparttar 143189 Jordan home, and, as a result, this felon obtainedrepparttar 143190 girl's name, home address, age, physical description, and other personal information. The felon then provided this information to another inmate, who sent a suggestive letter to this young girl!

The use of inmates to make telemarketing calls and process marketing information is not a rare or unique occurrence. Major corporations, such as AT&T and Honda, are reported to have used inmates for telemarketing and data-entry purposes, and TWA is reported to have used inmates to make airline reservations.

Blackout Blinds

Written by Garry John

Tired of waking every morning with a stripe of blinding sunlight across your eyes? Or perhaps you need a way to dimrepparttar lights inrepparttar 143023 baby’s room so he’ll nap, or in a conference room so that you can project a presentation on a screen. No matter why you need to blockrepparttar 143024 light from entering a room, you will needrepparttar 143025 right window blinds forrepparttar 143026 job.

If you’re looking for a window covering option that will block out nearly all available light from your rooms, your best option is blackout blinds. Blackout blinds are generally roller blinds – heavy fabric on a mechanical roller – with a few differences designed to eliminate as much available light as possible.

The first difference is inrepparttar 143027 construction ofrepparttar 143028 blind itself. Rather than rolling freely up and down over a roller that is attached atrepparttar 143029 top ofrepparttar 143030 window frame, blackout blinds are fitted into side channels attached torepparttar 143031 inside ofrepparttar 143032 frame to holdrepparttar 143033 blind close torepparttar 143034 glass and prevent light from entering alongrepparttar 143035 sides.

The fabric itself – or a special lightproof treatment – isrepparttar 143036 second difference. There is no one particular fabric that’s used universally. Different manufacturers swear by different combinations of acrylic, fiberglass, aluminum and other products to reduce light transmission and reflect heat away fromrepparttar 143037 window and out of your room.

Blackout blinds come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit almost any décor. The newest treatments don’t count on color to reduce light leakage. It’s all inrepparttar 143038 material of whichrepparttar 143039 blinds are made. You can choose colors, patterns and prints that coordinate with any decorating style,

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