Have we learned our lesson yet?

Written by Terry L. Dashner

“Haven’t we learned our Lesson?”

by Terry Dashner…

I like reading columnist Cal Thomas. He makes a lot of sense, especially in regards torepparttar West trying to democratizerepparttar 132248 Muslim world. He, as well as I, thinks this might be an idea short of reality (all right an idea that’s impossible).

Let me explain. What if Muslims don’t want Western Democracy but are devoted to spreading Islamic law world wide, as they have propagated sincerepparttar 132249 day they leftrepparttar 132250 Arabian Desert to conquerrepparttar 132251 West inrepparttar 132252 seventh century?

Before you delete this article, give me a chance to argue my point. I concede that I may be biased to current events because of my reading of history, but there’s no getting aroundrepparttar 132253 facts of history, even if it’s revised to fitrepparttar 132254 political correctness ofrepparttar 132255 day. History still teachesrepparttar 132256 danger in not learning from history.

Whenrepparttar 132257 911 Commission was roasting Dr. Condoleeza Rice, an admired American Patriot, she remindedrepparttar 132258 Commission andrepparttar 132259 viewing audience of America’s short fall in not assessing very wellrepparttar 132260 intentions of others. She reminded us that we failed to properly assess German intentions until two years afterrepparttar 132261 sinking ofrepparttar 132262 Lusitania in 1915. Remember it was not until 1917, two full years afterrepparttar 132263 sinking andrepparttar 132264 wholesale slaughter of thousands of Europeans byrepparttar 132265 Germans that we enteredrepparttar 132266 War to end all Wars. We repeated this failure to properly assess intentions whenrepparttar 132267 Nazi regime violatedrepparttar 132268 terms ofrepparttar 132269 Treaty of Versailles, which ended WWI. Democratic countries continued to ignore Hitler, hoping he’d just go away, until 1939 when he invaded Poland.

I believe Dr. Rice was on to something. I believe she wanted us to know that predicting an event like 911 is impossible, but also I believe that there was a hidden message in her history lesson.

This hidden message was brought to lightrepparttar 132270 other day while readingrepparttar 132271 archives of Cal Thomas. His article was dated November 11, 2003, but it read like today’s newspaper. In November of 2003, President Bush was addressingrepparttar 132272 National Endowment for Democracy. In his speech, President Bush askedrepparttar 132273 rhetorical question, “Arerepparttar 132274 people ofrepparttar 132275 Middle East somehow beyondrepparttar 132276 reach of liberty?” Cal Thomas, in regards to this statement wrote, “It depends onrepparttar 132277 meaning of liberty.

Has Alcoholics Anonymous Lost its way?

Written by Ted W.

Has Alcoholics Anonymous Lost its way? HAS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS LOST ITS WAY?

I have been a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for 28 years. AA has become a worldwide and an American Institution. Treatment centers throughoutrepparttar United States toutrepparttar 132247 12 steps and Christian Churches inrepparttar 132248 USA provide meeting places for Alcoholics Anonymous. It is not polite to criticize AA. But countless American depend on AA and its teachings, so it is legitimate to ask “Has AA lost its Way ? ” I say it has. Its not that there is anything wrong withrepparttar 132249 12 steps. AA’s founder, Bill Wilson, rightly said thatrepparttar 132250 principles ofrepparttar 132251 12 steps came fromrepparttar 132252 bible. Consider what one early AA member had to say years ago: One morning, after a sleepless night worrying over what I could do to straighten myself out, I went to my room alone-took my Bible in hand and asked Him,repparttar 132253 One Power, that I might open to a good place to read-and I read. "For I delight inrepparttar 132254 law of God afterrepparttar 132255 inward man. But I see a different law in my members, warring againstrepparttar 132256 law of my mind and bringing me into captivity underrepparttar 132257 law of sin which is in my members. Wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me out ofrepparttar 132258 body of this death?" That was enough for me-I started to understand. Here wererepparttar 132259 words of Paul a great teacher. What then if I had slipped? Now, I could understand. From that day years ago, I gave, still give and always will give time everyday to readrepparttar 132260 word of God and let Him do allrepparttar 132261 caring. Who am I to try to run myself or anyone else?*

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