Have a Vision in the New Information (and Technological) Age...and for YOUR LIFE (Part Three)

Written by Craig Lock

Asrepparttar ancient Chinese proverb said: "It's a privilege to live in exciting times."

I don't have any "techno skills"; yet we work in a "synergetic relationship " (big words to impress you, but which simply means "1 + 1 = 3 -repparttar 133560 whole is greater thanrepparttar 133561 sum ofrepparttar 133562 individual parts/persons"). We are working together towards a common goals in a business vision, whereby we all help and complement each other with our particular strengths (and attempt to cover weaknesses...and I've got plenty of those!).

The successful cyber entrepreneur of today could well berepparttar 133563 equivalent ofrepparttar 133564 Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Kennedy's, Paul Getty's and Henry Ford's of yesteryear, especially inrepparttar 133565 new ENTREPRENEURIAL (nice big word) AGE, which I believe, is even more important (and a more appropriate term) thanrepparttar 133566 information age (not that I'd like to be one of them, a business "tycoon", btw!).

I believe it is essential to have a vision ofrepparttar 133567 future to achieve success in business (as in life itself)...because puttingrepparttar 133568 vision into words keeps you on track through imprinting onrepparttar 133569 sub-conscious mind. Then total focus + EFFORT (ie. ACTION) breeds an absolute commitment to achievingrepparttar 133570 goal,repparttar 133571 "impossible dream".

My associate, Bill and I here have an ultimate vision (or dream) of Gisborne onrepparttar 133572 East Coast ofrepparttar 133573 North Island of scenic and tranquil New Zealand one day being a "recognised" centre of electronic, as well as conventional publishing, a world-renowned centre in providing quality courses in distance education and adult online teaching. Perhaps one day even becoming a centre of excellence in developing technology inrepparttar 133574 South Pacific. Fools, dreamers, "those guys"!

Thanks to my "technogeek" associates, Bill Rosoman in Gisborne, Stephan Van Lingen in South Africa, my former country (http://www.bridgeniche.com) and Erich Licht of Rapture Web design in Ohio, USA (http://www.rapturewebservices.com) for all their hard work, help, drive, talent and vision, as I don't understand much of modern technology - "a total non-techno", who couldn't even turn on a computer four years ago!).

Data-Blogs Technology.

Written by Camille Jacks

eCriteria to Focus on Blog Integration Database-Driven Weblogs Address Business Needs Culver City, Calif. – October 16, 2002 - eCriteria announces today an exciting new initiative for combining its web-hosted databases withrepparttar increasingly popular weblog or Blog technology. Adding quick and simple-to-use database-driven functionality to blogs solves many Web application and collaboration requirements. eCriteria plans to work with blog technology companies such as WebCrimson (www.webcrimson.com) to provide solutions useful in business environments. An example of a database-enabled blog designed for conducting market research may be found atrepparttar 133559 Web address: http://voteforbooks.crimsonblog.com.

A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated message entries arranged chronologically. The content and purpose of blogs varies greatly. Blogs began with purely personal applications such as family news items, commentaries and links to favorite sites, diaries, photo journals, essays, and poetry to just name a few. Recently however, blogs have seen a rise in business-oriented uses where blogs make for an excellent communication tool on company intranets. The main drawback with blogs is that they’re static-only content and non-interactive. Adding eCriteria Web databases changes all that.

With embedded database functionality that eCriteria brings, blogs can now be used to address dynamic requirements such as maintaining project schedules, sales journals, and company calendars. Both blogs and eCriteria web-databases are hosted applications requiring no programming, no database knowledge, and no software to install. The blog providers hostrepparttar 133560 web pages, and eCriteria securely hostsrepparttar 133561 database content.

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