Have You Experienced The "Jumping Frog" Disease??

Written by Michael Lemm

Before I get started...I want to make it very clear that it is not my intention in any way to offend any individual or disparage any particular company. I'll be blunt in my personal opinion and observations. However, I would really like to see each of you do an honest, open, heart wrenching examination of your soul in relation to a phenomenon I callrepparttar "Jumping Frog Disease".

My good friend Frank Garon, publisher of a major online newsletter, calls people with this habit online "internet sheep". The symptoms are jumping from one opportunity to another looking forrepparttar 122447 next Big Thing. Some describe it as an attitude thatrepparttar 122448 grass is always greener someplace else. And to be fair, this phenomenon is notrepparttar 122449 sole domain of Network Marketing....or even Internet Opportunities. It's also common inrepparttar 122450 "real" world of brick and mortar business.

This disease can actually take many forms. And not all are bad. Someone may be legitimatelly unhappy and looking for something better than where they are. Their move is well planned, logical, and with good reason. Hopefully these folks will learn from their experience and be able to evaluate their next opportunity better than they did their last.

The primary reasons I see as destructive are those which exhibit either a "love 'em & leave 'em" mentality....or a reactive response torepparttar 122451 emotional frenzy generated by a new "big thing".

Examples ofrepparttar 122452 later can be seen in recent months to "big things" like cookies, super water, streaming music, cure all patches, financial education, stock games, video email, greeting cards, VoIP phones,repparttar 122453 latest juice, andrepparttar 122454 like (not naming names). And I'm not passing judgement on these opportunities per say...rather pointing out a lemming like stampede of many from seemingly good "homes" torepparttar 122455 "next big thing". For some folks it was done with thought and forsight. For many others it was purely an emotional "me too" reaction...and notrepparttar 122456 first (or last) time they've done that.

Examples ofrepparttar 122457 first "destructive" reason are those who build and leave...often taking many others with them (these people are sometimes called mercenaries). Perhaps they were bored. Or perhaps they sawrepparttar 122458 chance for another big score....another notch on their belt so to speak. Only they really know for sure...all assumptions aside. Butrepparttar 122459 effect on those left behind is one of being abandoned. Especially when those who left were counted on and touted as leaders. [ some leadership ] And it can be particularly devestating on those newbies who depended on those individuals for their "example".

My personal take is that if you do your homework you should be able find a home you can stay in for a long time. Now things do happen...and when they do by all means move on. There are legitimate reasons to do so then. I'm proof of that....I started my journey with ACN (way back inrepparttar 122460 day LOL).

....Is Network Marketing Easy??....

Written by Michael Lemm

I personally believe we do a dis-service torepparttar industry and ourselves if we openly state...or even allude...that NWM is easy. It's not. Nor is any business....WAH or brick & mortar. Anyone who does say different is not being wholly truthful. I find that to be a shame.

NWM requires 3 main ingredients....time, effort, and yes - money. Time is just a matter of redirecting your habits. Not easy but doable. Time directly impacts your efficiency. Effort is entirely controllable byrepparttar 122446 individual....and directly impacts your effectiveness. Money is self limiting and directly affects both efficiency and effectiveness. An individual must findrepparttar 122447 best combination ofrepparttar 122448 three that works for them. Someone else can't tell you what that combination is....but can help you find it (for example a good sponsor).

The new mlmer faces a daunting task...and competition...when it comes to "advertising". Finding that "best combination" of time, effort, and money is a growth experience. Rarely will it just appear....education (self and provided) plus mentoring (if available) are important factors and hopefully a fact of life. However, "advertising" is not impossible.

In my mind advertising is just whatever method you choose to "reach" people. It might berepparttar 122449 traditional newspaper or ezine ad orrepparttar 122450 simple greeting and sharing with a friend. How you "advertise" or "share" can take many forms.

There are free and inexpensive methods that do work. It's a matter of finding those that work for you.

For example:

1. Writing and submitting ezine articles is an excellent method. It requires time & effort...but no money. The benefits include increased link popularity forrepparttar 122451 url used in your sig box (important for search engine ranking), branding, and reach (you can "reach" more with an article than an ezine ad). Plus it's viral. Often your article is archived by publishers and directories.....available well after it was originally offered. Plus publishers and web masters will often "pick up" your article...again well after you originally submitted it.

2. Business cards are always a good method...and more inexpensive than one realizes. You can even make your own. Just pass them out like candy....stores, church, ball games, local events, restaurants (leave 1 with your bill), businesses you frequent, networking meetings, local Chamber Of Commerce. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

3. Flyers, posters, post cards, brochures, etc. can also be done very inexpensively. You can make your own on your PC or purchase custom or ready made templates from numerous online providers. You could even strike up a joint venture with a local community provider. They print it for you and include their "advert" somewhere...you distribute. You both win, you pay less, and maybe influence that partner to be involved in your business.

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