Have You Appreciated Someone Today?

Written by Ed Sykes

I invested some time with Mother recently and drove her torepparttar hospital to visit with her sick sister-in-law, my aunt. While I was standing inrepparttar 135444 doorway, a nurse came by and introduced herself as Ruth and said “hello” to us and said “hello” to my aunt. This put a smile on my aunt’s face. The nurse then introduced me torepparttar 135445 other nurses working atrepparttar 135446 nurses’ station. She let me know that these nurses are hard working and good at their jobs.

I couldn’t agree with her more. Theirs is a very difficult job with no margin for error. In many situations they know and understandrepparttar 135447 patients better thanrepparttar 135448 doctors.

Realizing this, and noticing that some ofrepparttar 135449 nurses looked a little tired, I asked Ruth to bring out allrepparttar 135450 nurses she had introduced me to atrepparttar 135451 nurses’ station. I reintroduced myself and explained that my aunt wasrepparttar 135452 patient in room 518. Then I saidrepparttar 135453 following:

“I would like to thank you for taking care of my aunt. I personally appreciaterepparttar 135454 way you make her comfortable during this difficult time, and I know that my aunt is in good hands. My family, and especially my uncle, appreciatesrepparttar 135455 hard work and care you put into making her better. Thank you again and keep doing what you are doing to make a difference with not only my family, but other families.”

Move on!

Written by A.Z. Alfred

I woke up one morning with a sharp pain in my ear. The last time I had an earache was some eighteen years ago. Then it was my mother’s lot to worry about it. But this morning, I am to worry because I’m grown and hardly could hear withrepparttar left ears. I felt as if some insects crept intorepparttar 135413 ear while I slept. A friend once told me roaches and spiders could be that crazy. Whatever causedrepparttar 135414 pain all I wanted to do was see a doctor. I learnt that Ear specialists are atrepparttar 135415 General Hospitals, so I decided to visitrepparttar 135416 General Hospital on Broad Street.

I arrived early at this hospital but couldn’t see a doctor until after four hours of going through some tiresome routine. Finally, I got an appointment with a specialist and left.

Back on Broad Street, sea fresh air embraced me, washing awayrepparttar 135417 foul smell ofrepparttar 135418 hospital from around me. The breeze was so welcoming that I decided to take a short walk downrepparttar 135419 street.

It’s been almost a decade I last stepped foot on Broad Street. The last time was my graduation from high school. My absence from here was not because my experiences in high school were some kind of bored moments. No, I hadrepparttar 135420 best days of my present life in my high school.

I attended Methodist Boys’ High School popularly known asrepparttar 135421 gentlemen of Broad Street. They callrepparttar 135422 boys gentlemen becauserepparttar 135423 school was situated on that street that is not too different from Wall Street, a business district. I had wonderful moments, which some people will hesitate to throw into a waste Bin. I threw it away anyway.

But this morning, out there on that same street that I walked for six years, I revisited my past. I floated onrepparttar 135424 street like I’m dressed in white shirt, white jacket,repparttar 135425 school multi colored tie and a pair well pressed trousers sitting on brown shoes. I chose to wear my uniform that makes me one ofrepparttar 135426 gentlemen of Broad Street again.

Though I knewrepparttar 135427 school had moved to Victoria Island (another part ofrepparttar 135428 city) butrepparttar 135429 old fence and gate remain onrepparttar 135430 former site. I walked torepparttar 135431 gate, greetedrepparttar 135432 security men and asked if I can take a look in. They did let me.

I passed throughrepparttar 135433 gate and all that faced me was dilapidation. Stones covered with giant grasses and shrubs, which painted a picture of a wasteland. I could not make out where my favorite classroom used to be orrepparttar 135434 chemistry laboratory where I do choose to read instead ofrepparttar 135435 library. I could not make out a thing that could link me withrepparttar 135436 past years spent. I shook my head pitying this desolation that once gave me my wonder years.

But afar off, I saw something that sparked up hope in me. It wasrepparttar 135437 school hall. It did surviverepparttar 135438 massive destruction caused by some petroleum company who bought this estate. I stared at it for a long time thinking it a mirage. No, it was not. It was there still standing. Standing tall.

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