Have Laptop Will Travel

Written by Jon Castle

Have Laptop Will Travel

With a home-based business and a map

The world is an enormous place; a playground on an epic scale filled with exotic cultures, creatures, and serene landscapes. For most of us however,repparttar greater world is a separate place, disconnected fromrepparttar 135483 smaller one we occupy. Duringrepparttar 135484 workweek our scope of existence barely extends pastrepparttar 135485 perpendicular lines ofrepparttar 135486 office or workplace. What’s worse is that our destinies are not in our control. In essence, our current function in life is to make a handful of rich men richer.

On our days off we have just enough time to finish allrepparttar 135487 errands that have aggregated overrepparttar 135488 previous five days. When we find a moment to scavenge for food we usually find it in a grease smeared paper bag handed to us through a window by some goofy kid with a paper hat and an apron covered with what looks likerepparttar 135489 remnants of a bovine suicide bomber. Surely, there is more to life than this? There must be a way to break free from our enclosed existence and explorerepparttar 135490 beautiful wide open spaces beyond. In fact, there are several ways.

Getting Unstuck

Written by Natasha J. Rosewood

“What kind of people come to see you?” skeptics sometimes ask,repparttar tone of voice implying that I only consult with lunatics.

“People from all walks of life, “I respond oh-so-patiently, “Male and female, young and old, rich and not-so-rich, powerful and famous come with all kinds of queries. But it’s not a matter of who comes butrepparttar 135482 issues they come with,” I add. “A common one for a lot of people is “feeling stuck,” not knowing which way to go in life.”

“And what do you tell them?”

“That they are in good company. And stuckness is part ofrepparttar 135483 process.”

Psychic or not, sometimes my own future is indefinable. I just don’t know. Or that’s what I tell myself anyway. Some hidden fear may be lurking in my unconscious mind and creating a smokescreen.

Metaphorically, energy or “chi” is like a flowing river. When we feel stuck,repparttar 135484 flow of that river is caught in an eddy. Our chi is going around and around in circles and being sucked down into a bottomless vortex.

Remember, though, this is only your mind telling you that you are stuck. Energy by its very definition means motion and, therefore, cannot stay still. “Stuckness” is just an illusion and sometimes, merely a judgment of where you have not yet arrived. Your ego mind, your conscious waking-state chatters at you, berating you constantly with “I should be doing. . . ” or “what’s wrong with me?” or “I don’t know…” et al.

But stuckness does not have to be suffered. It can be celebrated.

The good news is that feeling stuck is part ofrepparttar 135485 human process and, believe it or not, serves a purpose. Stuckness is about standing still for a while and allowing us to take stock. In our Western culture and our headlong rush towards success and then death, (not always in that order) we do not allow ourselves permission to not know our destination. And if you resist your stuckness, it will only expand.

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