Have A Golf Fitness Expert In Your Home

Written by Mike Pedersen

The term golf fitness expert has grown in popularity forrepparttar last few years thanks to Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Vijay Singh and many other tour players.

They all have a golf fitness expert who actually travels with them to every tournament to keep them in top shape throughout their season.

Most of you don’t haverepparttar 142747 luxury to have a golf fitness expert one time, let alone 3 to 5 times a week, every week. This would cost inrepparttar 142748 thousands of dollars every month.

The average, ‘qualified’ golf fitness expert will charge anywhere from a low of $40 per session to a high of over $250. The more experiencedrepparttar 142749 golf fitness expert,repparttar 142750 more they will charge.

So what are you options ifrepparttar 142751 above scenario is a little too out of your economic reality?

The next best thing is to get some golf fitness videos (dvds) that take you throughrepparttar 142752 entire golf fitness session from start to finish…including stretches, warm ups, cool downs and advice.

This isrepparttar 142753 next best thing to having a golf fitness expert in person. I have been fortunate enough to receive hundreds of emails and letters from golfers who have greatly benefited from this format of training.

Jim McLean Endorses Swing Flutter™ Golf Swing Instruction Aid

Written by Ron Scott

Larry Koncelik, president of Swing Flutter Inc., announced today thatrepparttar company is now going into full production to meetrepparttar 142727 anticipated demand for its revolutionary golf swing instruction aid, The Swing Flutter™ and companion instructional DVD hosted by world-renowned golf instructor Jim McLean.

Created by Koncelik, an East Hampton, New York resident and avid golfer, The Swing Flutter™ comes with a 11 minute instructional DVD hosted by McLean. Koncelik is naturally excited by McLean’s involvement and endorsement. “Jim is one of golf's greatest teaching professionals,” he said in a recent interview. “We are honored that he has chosen to partner with us and thrilled that he feels The Swing Flutter™ is a golf tool that will help improve any golfer’s game.”

“The Swing Flutter™ is an exceptional instructional tool,” says McLean. “I evaluate scores of instructional tools every year and The Swing Flutter™ is by farrepparttar 142728 best I’ve seen in years. It works-- pure and simple.”

The Swing Flutter™, an audio feedback, tempo-tuning golf teaching aid, rests just aboverepparttar 142729 golf club head. It rotates and flutters withrepparttar 142730 flow of air that is created during each phase ofrepparttar 142731 golf swing. Usingrepparttar 142732 instructional aid, golfers can actually hearrepparttar 142733 difference between a good and bad golf swing. “The key torepparttar 142734 program’s success lies in trainingrepparttar 142735 golfer to ignore mechanics. Ifrepparttar 142736 separate and distinct sounds produced onrepparttar 142737 back swing, swing, and follow are ‘in tune’,repparttar 142738 golfer finds himself playing ‘inrepparttar 142739 zone’,” McLean says.

The theory underlyingrepparttar 142740 program is akin torepparttar 142741 Suzuki method which is widely used in Japan to teach children how to playrepparttar 142742 violin. “It’s amazing how quickly children can learn to play a violin when they concentrate onrepparttar 142743 sound they produce instead ofrepparttar 142744 mechanics involved in generating that sound,” Koncelik observed. “The same holds true for golf swing instruction. The player who focuses onrepparttar 142745 sound produced during each phase ofrepparttar 142746 swing, soon learns how to perfect his swing.”

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