Harry Potter and the Gargantuan Page Turner

Written by Paula Bardell

Three frustratingly long years afterrepparttar publication of Harry Potter andrepparttar 125527 Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling’s legions of fans were rewarded for their patience withrepparttar 125528 release of Harry Potter andrepparttar 125529 Order ofrepparttar 125530 Phoenix – launched simultaneously in Britain,repparttar 125531 USA, Canada, Australia and in other English-speaking countries at one minute past midnight on 21st June 2003.

This fifth book in Rowling’s incredibly successful wizarding series is a challenging 766 pages long, containing over 255,000 words and weighing in at 2.8lb (1.3kg). In Britain alone, it sold 1.8 million copies inrepparttar 125532 immediate hours following its release - a Nielsen Book Scan estimate revealed that one person in every 28 possessed The Order ofrepparttar 125533 Phoenix. Inrepparttar 125534 US, five million copies were sold duringrepparttar 125535 same period. There can be little doubt that Harry Potter is a global literary phenomenon.

Trivia aside, Potter is no longerrepparttar 125536 awkward 11-year-old boy wizard that readers were introduced to inrepparttar 125537 first book. Phoenix seesrepparttar 125538 tangle-haired Harry in his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is now an angry adolescent, a survivor of various hair-raising escapades who often finds it difficult to control his emotions. He frequently finds himself "consumed with anger and frustration, grinding his teeth and clenching his fists", and occasionally takes his "growling resentment" out on his best friends Ron and Hermione.

Phoenix is an enormously harrowing adventure for Harry and definitely not ideal bedtime reading material forrepparttar 125539 squeamish or fainthearted. He is attacked by dementors, threatened with expulsion from Hogwart's, banned from playing Quidditch, discredited among much ofrepparttar 125540 magical population, haunted by dreams, visions and stories of his dead parents, accused of being a liar byrepparttar 125541 atrocious Dolores Umbridge, forced to endurerepparttar 125542 loss of a dear friend – and all this before his destiny is finally revealed to him by Dumbledore, who sits Potter down in his office and tells him “everything”.

The book is considerably darker thanrepparttar 125543 first four novels as Voldemort begins to spread his evil influence, opposed at each stage byrepparttar 125544 Order ofrepparttar 125545 Phoenix, a protective circle of benevolent witches and wizards.

Once again, serious issues such as slavery and racism are touched upon in subplots such as Hermione Granger’s quest to liberaterepparttar 125546 long-suffering House Elves and in Malfoy’s fascistic hatred of “mud bloods” and "filthy half-breeds”. Rowling’s books reflect rather than condone prejudice and Harry continues to take people at face value. Indeed, in their steadfast determination to shieldrepparttar 125547 weak againstrepparttar 125548 evil forces of Voldermort, characters like Professor Dumbledore quite clearly advocate open-mindedness and empiricism at great personal cost to themselves.

How to sell yourself in an audition

Written by Ja-Naé Duane

How to sell yourself in an Audition: Step 1: Mental Power By Ja-Naé Duane and http://www.Ja-Nae.com

What makes a successful audition? I’ve heard this question asked so many times. Within three installments, I am going to give you some very useful suggestions on how to sell yourself in an audition. After hundreds of auditions (both good and bad), this is what I have found.

Step I: Mental Power If you think about it,repparttar process begins with one thing: A great attitude! What do I mean by that? Before you audition, ask yourselfrepparttar 125526 following questions: •Why do I want this audition? •How do I walk intorepparttar 125527 audition? Do I walk in thinking I already haverepparttar 125528 part or do I walk in saying, “Why on earth would they want to hire me?” •Am I dressed for success? •How do I walk out ofrepparttar 125529 audition? •What can I learn from this audition?

By asking yourself these questions, they can help put you inrepparttar 125530 right frame of mind. You are a product in a business……so you have to learn how to sell yourself! Learning how to sell product YOU is easy and can be done in a few steps. The first step is a positive attitude.

Why do I want this audition? Of courserepparttar 125531 easy answer is that you wantrepparttar 125532 part, but you have to think broader than that. Will this part be good for my career advancement? Is this a company that I want to work for? People audition for hundreds upon hundred of gigs allrepparttar 125533 time. I suggest you do some soul searching. What type of auditionee do I want to be? The one that auditions for everything and anything orrepparttar 125534 one that is more selective? If I do become more selective, then why?

How do I walk intorepparttar 125535 audition? The first thing thatrepparttar 125536 auditioners notice when you walk in is your appearance. When you walk in, they immediately start examining you. How does she carry herself? Is she smiling? Dorepparttar 125537 clothes she wears exemplify her personality while maintaining professionalism? Even if they are not aware ofrepparttar 125538 types of questions they are asking,repparttar 125539 auditioners will immediately make a judgment on whether or not they like you.

I used to walk into an audition saying to myself, “I’m not good enough to get this gig. Why would they even hire me?” As awful as that is………it’s true! That’s what would run through my mind. And inevitably I would never getrepparttar 125540 gig. Why? Because I conveyed that attitude in my face and in my presence, without even knowing it. People immediately noticed it. Finally, someone (who later become a good friend) said to me, “Ja-Naé, with your attituderepparttar 125541 way it is, you are never going to make it. Being humble is one thing (and a great thing!!!), but thinking that you are not even good enough forrepparttar 125542 gig. If you think you’re not good enough…..then you’re not.” She was right! If I wanted to survive in this competitive field, I definitely had to have an attitude adjustment.

Am I dressed for success?

What you wear to an audition says TONS about who you are as a person. You want a look that is professional, classy, yet shows off your personality. Though I’m a cross-over artist, my primary genre is opera and those arerepparttar 125543 auditions that I have hadrepparttar 125544 most experience with. Also, it is tricky with opera. You audition outfit changes withrepparttar 125545 season andrepparttar 125546 time of day. Here are some tips for both sexes inrepparttar 125547 opera world:


•Userepparttar 125548 cut ofrepparttar 125549 suit, color ofrepparttar 125550 suit, andrepparttar 125551 color ofrepparttar 125552 tie to show off your personality. The colors and style you wear can say a lot about you. •Make sure your shoes are not scuffed. No one likes a well-dressed man with scuffed shoes. •Make sure thatrepparttar 125553 shirt is ironed andrepparttar 125554 suit is dry-cleaned. •Auditioners want to see you face, so clean shaven is preferred.


•Keep it simple. Daytime/Nighttime (ANYTIME): black or gray are great! •Unless it is a competition: NO EVENING GOWNS!!!! •Mezzos: The general census is to wear a skirt, unless you are auditioning specifically for a pants role. •Long or medium length skirts: NO MINIS! They distract from your voice. •Try solid colors (prints distractrepparttar 125555 listener away from your face and especially your voice). •Dark colors onrepparttar 125556 bottom with a lighter colored top (attracts more attention towards your face). •If wearing dark on top and bottom, accentuate it with a colorful scarf or an accessory. •Wear your hair away from your face and out of your eyes. This doesn’t mean that it has to be up, just out ofrepparttar 125557 way. •NEVER wear stockings with open-toed shoes. That is a big NO! NO!

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