Harry Potter Makes Lesson Plans Exciting

Written by Valerie Giles

With magic and mystery inspired byrepparttar Harry Potter stories, many ideas for teaching strategies and lesson plans come to mind. You can let your imagination run wild.

Science lessons plans incorporating evidence for solving mysteries such as fingerprints, dental impressions and disappearing ink come to mind. Invite a member of your local police force to come and give a basic talk to your students on how they solve crimes using this type of evidence. Is there a student in your class who has had dental impressions or molds made from plaster of paris during a treatment for teeth straightening with braces? Using water based paints, demonstrate how each student has finger prints that differ from everyone else. Hand print artwork can then be done. Turn hand prints into imaginary butterflies or birds.

Hermione's Time Turner can be incorporated into your history lessons. Turn backrepparttar 150410 time to yesteryear and discussrepparttar 150411 people and events from that time.

One of my favorite items from Harry Potter isrepparttar 150412 Sorting Hat. First year Hogwarts students are sorted intorepparttar 150413 four (4) houses of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or I have foundrepparttar 150414 official Harry Potter store where many of these items can be purchased (see below for url).Slytherin. The hat's mouth actually can be made to move. This is a wonderful item to use around Hallowe'en time or any time inrepparttar 150415 classroom. Reward a student for good behavior or marks by letting them wearrepparttar 150416 hat. Choose students to read passages from thier story book readers out loud torepparttar 150417 class while wearingrepparttar 150418 Sorting Hat. Or perhapsrepparttar 150419 day class monitor can wearrepparttar 150420 hat while they perform their daily duty. There are so many ways to incorporate this hat into your lesson plans and teaching strategies.

There are 3 Magic Wands that were used byrepparttar 150421 children inrepparttar 150422 Harry Potter books. One way to use wands inrepparttar 150423 classroom can be whenrepparttar 150424 children choose teams for various activities they can select each person withrepparttar 150425 use of a wand. Children may wish to make their own wands in art class from various "magical" materials.

Learning to tell time lesson plans and to keeprepparttar 150426 correct dates can be done while employing one ofrepparttar 150427 several wall or desk calendars or watches. As well, children can make their own Harry Potter wall posters.

There are journals available to encourage students to write their thoughts in on a daily basis. Perhaps they can write magical stories too.

And last but not least, all teaching strategies incorporate reading into their lesson plans. There are several Harry Potter bookmarks that students will love to use to keep their place in their readers or books. What a great idea for end of school (encourage reading duringrepparttar 150428 summer holidays), back to school or Christmas gifts fromrepparttar 150429 teacher.

Following are short descriptions of several Harry Potter merchandise items as found online inrepparttar 150430 Harry Potter Shop.

Collectible Time Turner: This Time-Turner is an authentic recreation of Hermione's Time-Turner. It is centered with a working miniature hourglass and its inner rings rotate.

Collectible Wands: This Harry Potter's Wand is an authentic recreation ofrepparttar 150431 famous wizard's wand. It measures 14 inches in length. Made of wood and resin. Other wands for Ron and Hermione are also available.

Double Buckle Leather Briefcase: You don't need to work atrepparttar 150432 Ministry of Magic to carry this stunning, European-crafted Harry Potter briefcase! Made of high quality leather,repparttar 150433 briefcase features a metal 'Hogwarts' logo onrepparttar 150434 outside front pocket andrepparttar 150435 'Harry Potter' logo embossed onrepparttar 150436 flap-cover. A wonderful teacher's case for all your magical lesson plans.

Prisoner of Azkaban Wall Calendar: This 12-month calendar features a fun collection of artwork and images from Harry Potter andrepparttar 150437 Prisoner of Azkaban and is perfect for your home, office, or schoolroom.

Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Center for Natural Wellness and Massage Therapy

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Holistic Junction is delighted to present Center for Natural Wellness and Massage Therapy as its featured school ofrepparttar week.

Located in historically beautiful, Albany, New York,repparttar 150290 Center for Natural Wellness and Massage Therapy believes in "...a comprehensive program of study that carefully balancesrepparttar 150291 art and science of therapeutic massagerepparttar 150292 program strives to enrichrepparttar 150293 lives of its students. By empowering students with knowledge and understanding ofrepparttar 150294 human body, they will be able to to speak intelligently and professionally to their clients and other health care practitioners aboutrepparttar 150295 importance of massage therapy in preventive and palliative care."

Their Educational Goals and Objectives include:

  • To provide each student with a quality learning environment.
  • To employ faculty and staff who are dedicated health practitioners or massage therapists and who possess exemplary educational and ethical standards.
  • To provide an educational experience consisting ofrepparttar 150296 art, science, practice and ethics of massage therapy.
  • To provide every student with a wide range of academic and career enhancement opportunities.
  • To encourage personal growthand self-awareness among faculty and students.
Aside from several large classrooms,repparttar 150297 Center for Natural Wellness and Massage Therapy offers special amenities including a 700-volume packed library, bookstore and they also provide a convenient student lounge.

Center for Natural Wellness and Massage Therapy offers a comprehensive and hands-on Massage Therapy Program inrepparttar 150298 following:

...and, many other relevant courses in massage therapy and related business practices.

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