Harnessing the Power of Testimonials

Written by Angela Wu

Let's say you want to take your spouse out to a nice restaurant. You readrepparttar 'dining' column of your local newspaper, and ask family or friends for recommendations.

What they're doing is 'endorsing' a restaurant: 'That wasrepparttar 127527 BEST scampi I've ever had!' is a testimonial to how deliciousrepparttar 127528 food was. You consider their recommendations because they've *had experience* with what you're looking for.

The same principle works online. Glowing testimonials from happy customers can be a powerful enticement to prospective customers. Similarly, a personal endorsement from you can have a significant impact on your sales. Here are a few tips on how to use testimonials ...

=== Send a personally endorsed ad to your newsletter subscribers. Your loyal subscribers know you and trust you. You can use this for any type of product, whether it's your own, a colleague's, or an affiliate product. Remember to be selective about what you endorse; you're putting your name to it. Try sending a solo ad to your list and comparerepparttar 127529 results against an endorsement in your editorial space.

=== Buy a solo ad from an editor - and use his or her testimonial withinrepparttar 127530 ad. This may help to increase response rates, sincerepparttar 127531 readers (hopefully) know and trust their editor. One way to get a testimonial from her is to provide her with a free copy of your product and ask her to review it. If she likes it, she'll let you know. If she doesn't, then at least you'll get some constructive feedback.

How to Instantly Boost Traffic and Sales for Just Pennies!

Written by Angela Wu

Good thing you don't have to be rich to make it work for you. Pay-per-click search engines are one ofrepparttar best ways to get targeted traffic to your site - and for just a few pennies, too. I'm usually pretty cheap when it comes to paying for advertising ... but this is one place where I'm happy to makerepparttar 127526 investment.

PPC SEs such as GoTo.com < http://www.goto.com/ >,repparttar 127527 largest and best-known of them, allow you to 'bid' on certain search terms. Listings for each search term are displayed in order of highest bid first. You literally 'pay' for your search rank!

Some advantages of PPC SEs include:

== No fiddling with META tags, keyword density, and all that other stuff that goes with search engine optimization. If you've ever played with this stuff, you'll know how frustrating it can be to get a good listing - and then KEEP it! With PPC SEs, you simply buy your way to a better position.

== It's fast! Most PPC SEs will review your listings and make them available within just a few days. Compare this torepparttar 127528 regular search engines, where it can take MONTHS to get listed - if you get listed at all!

== It's 'pay for performance'. You only payrepparttar 127529 amount you bid when someone clicks on your link. And because your visitor comes to your site after finding it from a relevant list of search results, he or she is a *targeted* visitor - exactly what you want! Compare this to regular search engines, which give yourepparttar 127530 option to pay a fee for an 'express review' ... a review that most often *doesn't* guarantee a listing.

PPC SEs are a great way to get targeted traffic, quickly. Here are a few pointers on how to work effectively with them:

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