Harness the Web to Sell Your Home

Written by Jacqui O'Brien

The majority of people inrepparttar UK who are looking to move house userepparttar 147073 internet to find properties for sale. So it makes sense to ensure that your property is onrepparttar 147074 web if you want to sell. If you are with an estate agent, most will list your property on one ofrepparttar 147075 major property portals. However more and more people, tired of paying thousands of pounds to estate agents who do little work, are voting with their feet and deciding to sell their home by themselves. There are over 100 websites inrepparttar 147076 UK where you can advertise your home for sale, ranging from a basic text listing to a full internet estate agent service. However most will have a limit torepparttar 147077 amount of information which you can add andrepparttar 147078 number of photographs which you can include. Often this will be much less information than in an estate agentís details. The answer is to create your own webpage to sell your house. You donít have to be a great computer expert, and you could do it all in an evening, using this step by step plan. Where can I host my webpage? Maybe you have some free webspace offered by your Internet Service Provider. Now isrepparttar 147079 time to use it! If you know a little about web design you are very lucky, as all you need is some very basic knowledge of HTML and you are ready to make an effective webpage. If not, you can use a word processing package such as Microsoft Word which will convert a document to a webpage. If you donít have webspace you can userepparttar 147080 free webspace offered by well-known search engines such as Lycos Tripod or Yahoo Geocities. Most will have website building packages too, so that you can simply enterrepparttar 147081 information into a template and you have an instant website. Write a concise title for your page Write one sentence using as few words as possible which sum up your property, for example ĎFor Sale: Three-bedroom semi-detached house in Londoní. Use this as your page title. Prepare your details However you decide to create your webpage, prepare your details beforehand using word processing package. You can do this in your own time, it will check your spelling for you and you wonít lose all your work if your browser crashes. Measure all your rooms and giverepparttar 147082 measurements in both metric and imperial. Remember to add anything interesting or unusual aboutrepparttar 147083 house, special about its location and mention if it is in catchment for a good school.

Succession Planning: Problems Getting Started

Written by Dr. Michael A. S. Guth, Ph.D., J.D.

A survey released byrepparttar American Institute of Certified Public Accountants inrepparttar 147050 spring of 2005 illustrates a widespread problem onrepparttar 147051 lack of succession planning [deciding who will take over runningrepparttar 147052 firm whenrepparttar 147053 current managers die or retire]. The survey found that 60% of responding certified public accountant (CPA) firms have owners who are inrepparttar 147054 55-to-62-year-old age bracket, and more than half (56%) have at least one partner who will retire inrepparttar 147055 next five years. However, according torepparttar 147056 survey, 81% of these firms still do not have a written succession plan in place. Among those firms with annual revenues under $150,000,repparttar 147057 percentage rose to 96%. If we polled small businesses in other fields,repparttar 147058 percentages would be comparable: around 80% of small business owners have no succession plans.

Similarly,repparttar 147059 Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) reports about 40% of small and medium business owners in Canada plan to leave or retire inrepparttar 147060 next five years, and 70% plan to leave or retire within 10 years. However, roughly two-thirds ofrepparttar 147061 4,300 Canadian businesses that responded torepparttar 147062 federationís survey have completed no succession planning. Small and medium businesses account for about half ofrepparttar 147063 jobs inrepparttar 147064 Canadian economy, and potentially more than two million jobs could be at risk to inadequate succession planning.

For many of these small and medium business owners,repparttar 147065 practices they have built up are their most valuable assets as well as their primary retirement assets. But these owners believe they have plenty of time to arrange for succession. Many business owners put off dealing with succession because it isrepparttar 147066 least urgent matter on their plate. Too often business owners cannot standrepparttar 147067 idea of letting go of an entity they created and for which they toiled to achieve success. Apparently, these small and medium business owners need assistance both in formulating plans and in actual transitioning to future managers and owners ofrepparttar 147068 firm.

Succession planning, like tax planning, is just good common sense and should be a natural part of good business practices. As soon as business owners take out life insurance policies to protect their assets for dependents left behind, they need to think of succession planning. If business owners have children who do not wish to follow in their parentís business, thenrepparttar 147069 business owners need to think realistically aboutrepparttar 147070 price they would be willing to sellrepparttar 147071 business to outsiders. In one sense, these business owners who plan to sell to outsiders are lucky that they can avoidrepparttar 147072 emotionally divisive issue of having to select a business heir from competing adult children or competing managers.

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