Hardwood 101

Written by Dave Markel

Red Oak Red oak is one of three main varieties of oak. The sapwood is a light reddish brown color whilerepparttar heartwood varies from light brown to dark brown. Red oak is dense with long straight grains that make it a common choice for many wood workers. It also has good wood working properties, working well with both hand tools and machines.

It glues well and holds a nail, however red oak has a tendency to split when nailed without pre-drilling.

Maple In North America maple grows to heights of 110 feet or more and can have a diameter of 2.5 feet.

Most maple have sapwood that is light cream color with rusty brown tinges running through it. The heartwood is a light reddish brown but can also be darker.

Maple tends to be a hard, dense type of wood that machines well and is easy to work with using hand tools. Maple is quite resistant to shock and this makes it good for handles and sporting goods. Maple takes glue well and also accepts stains and other finishes without blotching.

Ash The sapwood of ash is often a light brown color but can vary to gray. Ash is usually straight grained with high shock resistance. This is one ofrepparttar 116183 reasons that ash is used for tool handles and baseball bats.

Radio Control Cars - Which Type Is Right for You or Your Child?

Written by Michael Holland

There are several factors to consider before choosing which type of radio control cars to buy. Don't just jump in head first.

Makingrepparttar correct choices, up front, can save you a lot of time and money downrepparttar 116182 road. Take a few minutes to read this helpful article so you can start out inrepparttar 116183 right direction.

First, it is important to determine who will berepparttar 116184 primary user ofrepparttar 116185 cars. This will help ensure that you don't start off with a car that is far beyondrepparttar 116186 child's ability to operate.

Choosingrepparttar 116187 right starter radio control car can often meanrepparttar 116188 difference between building a long-lasting family hobby, or having one more piece of plastic ending up inrepparttar 116189 toy box.

Ifrepparttar 116190 intended user is a young child, say under 13, then you might be better off purchasingrepparttar 116191 relatively inexpensive mini radio control cars that run on batteries. Not only are they inexpensive (often selling for under $20), but they are safe to operate in that they use no flamable gas and they include a low-voltage battery charger.

If an adult or older child will be usingrepparttar 116192 radio control cars, then you have a much wider selection to choose from. Of course,repparttar 116193 mini cars are fun for all ages, but there are also larger all-electronic cars as well as beefy gas-powered vehicles, and even Nitro powered monsters!

Expect to pay anywhere from fifty dollars to hundreds of dollars forrepparttar 116194 "big kid" radio control cars. Not only arerepparttar 116195 cars bigger and more powerful, but they come with a much more sophisticated radio control transmitter.

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