Hardcore Sales Vs. The Relationship Part III: Tips and Techniques For Relationship Selling!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

Here we are, atrepparttar final chapter so to speak. Today, lets talk more on how you go about utilizingrepparttar 127425 potential for "Relationship Selling".

You know I've done this myself more times than I can count. When people point outrepparttar 127426 obvious to me, a little alarm goes off inrepparttar 127427 back of my head saying "You knew that"! Sometimes it'srepparttar 127428 most obvious things you overlook. So, when that little voice says that to you, just think right back, "Well, why didn't I use it then"?

I started last week with a couple of tips which we'll recap quickly and then move on to some more Tips & Techniques for Relationship Selling.

Steer clear ofrepparttar 127429 "I'm here to sell you something" approach. Sincerepparttar 127430 beginning ofrepparttar 127431 Television era, people have been trampled with Sales and Advertising. Most will shut you down before you can get ever get started.

See yourself as a guide if you will. You're there to assist and lead them to their final destination, your product or service. You are there to help them, not sell them!

Don't vocally paint yourself into a "What's it gonna be?" corner. If you use direct sales or hard persuasion techniques that's exactly what it comes down to, and you better be prepared!

Remember, "Relationship Selling" is not something you turn off and on like a light switch. It's a way of life. Although we are focusing on your business here,repparttar 127432 theories behind Relationship Selling can apply to all facets of your life.

Go in withrepparttar 127433 client, not after a client. If you enterrepparttar 127434 relationship assuming that they are already a client, you'll be less apt to try and sell them, and more apt to building a relationship.

Moving onward and upward....

Often "Relationship Selling" starts in social settings. People used to ask me what I did, an I would answer abruptly "I do freelance Perl Programming and Web Design onrepparttar 127435 Internet". So what's wrong with this picture? The easiest way to show you, is to answer it againrepparttar 127436 right way. "We provide small businesses with low cost alternatives to expensive Internet development". Ok, which sounds better? I hope you said number two. If not you have a lot of work in front of you. Rule of thumb: Never tell that what you are, tell them how you can help. In this case, I have aligned myself withrepparttar 127437 small business person, who is my target market, but atrepparttar 127438 same time, I have expressed that I am helping, not selling.

Did you notice that I didn't use any technical terms or words that are difficult to understand. Dump allrepparttar 127439 techno-garbage and those terms that nobody really gets. If you're using them because you think you are impressing them, welcome torepparttar 127440 real world. It's called "Frustration". How would you enjoy spending lunch listening to somebody and not understanding half of what they say. Oh yea, I'm buying your thingamajigger...

Listen to your prospect. The more they say,repparttar 127441 better you can anticipate their needs and wants. Most often their needs and wants are two different things. Their needs are their bottom line, while their wants are top ofrepparttar 127442 line. Don't try to sell them what they need, make it clear that you can give them what they want, how they need it.

When using Relationship Selling stay away from "Power Words". You have phrases like "productivity", "competitive advantage", "your bottom line" and on down torepparttar 127443 hard sale oldies like "MAKE MONEY NOW", "Revolutionary Product" or even "Sensational New Offer". These power words have their place in advertising headlines, but not here.

Writing Sales Letters That Work!

Written by Merle

If you do any kind of direct mail, sooner or later you're going to have to write a sales letter. The point of a sales letter is to get people to read it and not toss it inrepparttar trash. You need to get their attention fast and get them to act. Your product has to sound appealing and your copy needs to be written to "sell".

Your sales letter needs to stressrepparttar 127424 benefits of your product. If you don't know what they are, spend some time writing them down. People generally act on their emotions, so your copy needs to play on emotions hard enough to force them to act. Start your letter with your product's strongest benefit.

There are no hard and fast rules onrepparttar 127425 length of a sales letter. It can be 2, 4, 6, or more pages. Just make sure that every word you include is necessary; don't be wordy just to increaserepparttar 127426 letter's length.

After you presentrepparttar 127427 benefits, you need to ask forrepparttar 127428 order. You'd be amazed atrepparttar 127429 number of writers who skip this simple step. Tellrepparttar 127430 potential client what to do -- i.e., "call now" or "mailrepparttar 127431 card." Give people directions and a good reason to act immediately. Phrases like "limited time offer," "special price," and "limited number available" can entice your buyers to act quickly.

Another tip that will help motivate potential clients is to offer them a free bonus. No matter what you sell, try to come up with a "free bonus" you can tack onto every order. People love getting something for nothing. Offering bonuses works, but make surerepparttar 127432 bonus item is worthy. Don't offer something that has no value. Try adding a free bonus item along with your next sales pitch and watch your sales increase.

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