Hard Drive Selection

Written by J A Carpunky

Perhapsrepparttar biggest mistake people make when building their computer(s) is to underestimaterepparttar 107754 importance ofrepparttar 107755 hard disk drive (HDD). In our modern society, bigger is synonymous with better, so when you go to buy a hard drive you look at how "big" it is, its data capacity. But is that all you should be considering when buying your hard drive?

Like every other component of your computer,repparttar 107756 HDD is far too complex a system to describe in any sort of detail here, but hopefully byrepparttar 107757 end of this article you will know what to look for when you go to buy your new hard drive.

There are 4 primary aspects to look at in a hard drive (in order of importance): 1. Rotational frequency and average seek time 2. Buffer size 3. Internal/external transfer rates 4. Capacity

Rotational frequency has become a large selling point (5400/7200/10000/15000RPM) recently, so you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding out whatrepparttar 107758 rotational frequency of your HDD is when you go to buy it. Now of courserepparttar 107759 faster it spins,repparttar 107760 faster it can read fromrepparttar 107761 disk (there are other advantages also), but be aware thatrepparttar 107762 faster it spins,repparttar 107763 more wear is put onrepparttar 107764 drive, andrepparttar 107765 more likely it is to encounter errors and malfunctions later in life. Hard drives are pretty muchrepparttar 107766 only systems within your computer that have moving parts (CD-ROM, floppy disk drives, and fans also have moving parts, but they're all cheap and if they break you won't lose allrepparttar 107767 data you've accumulated overrepparttar 107768 course of owning your computer, be sure to back up your data regularly!). If you know anything about physics or engineering, then you know that moving parts produce friction and wear, and a faster spinning platter (the part that holdsrepparttar 107769 data and spins) means more friction, and therefore more wear on your drive. Of courserepparttar 107770 faster it spinsrepparttar 107771 faster it can read data fromrepparttar 107772 platter. So what can you do? well again you backup your data as much as possible and you getrepparttar 107773 fastest spinning drive money can buy (which is 7200RPM for ATA devices (the sort you are buying) and 15000RPM for SCSI and some Serial ATA devices (you might get Serial ATA, that depends on your motherboard)). So look for a "7200RPM" label onrepparttar 107774 drive you're thinking of getting, it's important!

The "buffer" I'm referring to isrepparttar 107775 transfer buffer that temporarily stores data to read from or write torepparttar 107776 hard drive. The reason for this is thatrepparttar 107777 bus (data channel betweenrepparttar 107778 hard drive andrepparttar 107779 motherboard) can only handle so much information at a time, and it takes a long time forrepparttar 107780 data to be found and retrieved from a platter (random seek time), so it takes a big chunk ofrepparttar 107781 requested data and stores it in a very fast data buffer to be sent atrepparttar 107782 bus's convenience. So with a larger buffer you can queue more data for transfer overrepparttar 107783 bus without having to keep sending requests to slowly find more data fromrepparttar 107784 platters. Some newer drives come with as much as 8MB of buffer capacity, but it is more common to see 2 or 4MB. Usually a drive with a large amount will use that as a selling point and print it onrepparttar 107785 box/website, otherwise you can assume it has a 2/4MB buffer. My advice is to find one with as much as you can afford.

See How To Troubleshoot Your Power Supply

Written by Otis F. Cooper

The Power Supply convert's your regular household current into low DC voltage used byrepparttar computer. When this component fails,there is simply no activity going on wih your computer.Remember to dorepparttar 107753 easy troubleshooting first.Inspectrepparttar 107754 Power Supply for any damage.Double-Check all connections.

Learning how to check your power supply and how to replace it when needed can be a life saver if you're a computer buff or in business withrepparttar 107755 trusted PC.Don't take for grantedrepparttar 107756 simple pleasure of turning on your PC and everything works just fine.

We turned on one of our computers recently and in about one hour,it just re-booted itself.And it continued doing so about 10 times a day until we found outrepparttar 107757 power supply wasrepparttar 107758 culprit.Things to look for when your power supply is going bad or just dies on you arerepparttar 107759 following.


Here you must first checkrepparttar 107760 wall outlet for power by connecting another device such as a radio or lamp to be sure power is present.Ifrepparttar 107761 computer is connected through a surge protector,check it as well.

Ifrepparttar 107762 wall out has power,checkrepparttar 107763 power cable going torepparttar 107764 PC to see if AC voltage is making its way torepparttar 107765 system unit.Do this withrepparttar 107766 use of a multimeter.

If there is power,you will have to openrepparttar 107767 PC and check for power fromrepparttar 107768 power supply torepparttar 107769 motherboard.

When using a multimeter to check voltage,be sure you have a good ground forrepparttar 107770 black lead ofrepparttar 107771 multimeter.


One main problem you may face with an ailing Power Supply is that it may re-bootrepparttar 107772 computer without any warning.All information is lost and it seems as though this happens atrepparttar 107773 worst possible time.

Booting errors whenrepparttar 107774 computer first start's up is another indicator of this component going onrepparttar 107775 blink.


Whenrepparttar 107776 power supply begins to fail,you may receive power at one device and not another.For example,the Hard Drive may receive power butrepparttar 107777 CDROM Drive has nothing at all.

Another headache with would cause re-booting isrepparttar 107778 intermittent power going torepparttar 107779 drives orrepparttar 107780 motherboard itself.Followrepparttar 107781 steps below to check your power supply should you experience some ofrepparttar 107782 above problems.


Ifrepparttar 107783 wall outlet,andrepparttar 107784 power cord are good,make surerepparttar 107785 connection atrepparttar 107786 motherboard is secure.Then you may have to facerepparttar 107787 fact thatrepparttar 107788 power supply itself is bad.If you have a Multimeter you can testrepparttar 107789 power supply output before purchasing a new one.Simply follow these steps.

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