Hard Drive Does Not Boot

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

When your computer does not boot,repparttar 107842 first thing a technician must ask is; what do you mean by "it won't boot"? Many timesrepparttar 107843 problem is simply thatrepparttar 107844 user doesn't have their monitor turned on, or that they receivedrepparttar 107845 "Invalid system disk" message because they left a floppy inrepparttar 107846 drive. Or doesrepparttar 107847 user mean WINDOWS won't start?

A problem can occur inrepparttar 107848 boot sequence even beforerepparttar 107849 hard disk comes into play. When a computer first starts, its Basic Input/Out System (BIOS) performs a Power On Self Test (POST). Beforerepparttar 107850 computer is ready to userepparttar 107851 display, it communicates using beep codes. Afterrepparttar 107852 display is initialized, it sends codes torepparttar 107853 screen.

If your computer stops with an error code onrepparttar 107854 screen, you need to find out who made your computers BIOS and checkrepparttar 107855 website ofrepparttar 107856 BIOS manufacturer forrepparttar 107857 meaning ofrepparttar 107858 error code.

When your computer boots,repparttar 107859 BIOS readsrepparttar 107860 hard disk's partition table in order to findrepparttar 107861 boot record. Ifrepparttar 107862 partition table is damaged,repparttar 107863 message "Invalid drive or drive specification" will be displayed. The partition table does not change afterrepparttar 107864 drive is partitioned and formatted unless it has been damaged, possibly by a virus.

Ifrepparttar 107865 boot record is damaged, you will receiverepparttar 107866 message "Invalid system disk". Ifrepparttar 107867 partition table and boot record are good,repparttar 107868 computer will readrepparttar 107869 hard disk's File Allocation Table (FAT) in order to start loading Windows operating system files. Ifrepparttar 107870 FAT is damaged, you will receiverepparttar 107871 message "Sector not found reading drive C".

No Computer Sound

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Today's computer equipped with a sound card is capable of generating sound from many different sound and music format files. Formats include WAV, MIDI, MP3, and many more.

Conversion of these sound format files to actual audio relies on several layers of software and hardware. The most basic sound format file compatible withrepparttar 107841 Windows operating system isrepparttar 107842 WAV file format. Before troubleshooting any ofrepparttar 107843 more complex formats, make sure that your system is capable of playing WAV files.

The Windows operating system has a built-in program called Sound Recorder to record and play WAV files. To open Sound Recorder, select Start | Programs | Accessories | Entertainment and click on Sound Recorder. Inrepparttar 107844 Sound Recorder program, select File | Open. Inrepparttar 107845 Open dialog box, navigate to C:WindowsMedia and select one ofrepparttar 107846 WAV files to play. Clickrepparttar 107847 Open button and thenrepparttar 107848 Play button (right arrow).

If you hearrepparttar 107849 WAV file play, then your basic sound configuration is working properly. If you did not hear repparttar 107850 WAV file play, continue reading (troubleshooting problems withrepparttar 107851 more complex sound file formats will be covered in future article).

The first thing you should do is eliminaterepparttar 107852 obvious possibilities. Many speakers have a volume control on one ofrepparttar 107853 speakers. Many times I have thought thatrepparttar 107854 sound was not working in one of my programs, only to find that someone turnedrepparttar 107855 volume control allrepparttar 107856 way down.

You can test your speakers by plugging them intorepparttar 107857 headphone jack on your CD-ROM drive and playing a music CD. This bypassesrepparttar 107858 sound card.

Checkrepparttar 107859 Windows Volume Control by right-clicking onrepparttar 107860 speaker icon inrepparttar 107861 Task Bar and Selecting "Open Volume Contols" inrepparttar 107862 popup menu that appears.

Openrepparttar 107863 Multimedia utility in Control Panel (Start | Settings | Control Panel) and selectrepparttar 107864 Audio tab. Make sure that your soundcard's Playback device is selected inrepparttar 107865 Playback section.

If that looks correct, openrepparttar 107866 System utility in Control Panel and selectrepparttar 107867 Device Manager tab. In Device Manager, openrepparttar 107868 "Sound video and game controllers" branch. Click onrepparttar 107869 name of your sound card to select it, then click onrepparttar 107870 Properties button. Inrepparttar 107871 Sound Card Properties dialog box, selectrepparttar 107872 General tab and verify that "Disable in this hardware profile" is not checked. Selectrepparttar 107873 Driver tab and make sure that a driver is selected. Click onrepparttar 107874 Resources tab and make sure there is no conflicts.

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