Happy Earth Day!

Written by Lillian Brummet

Happy Earth Day to everyone! (255 words)

What can you do to make a difference - pick up a copy of our book, Trash Talk, & we'll show you a myriad of simple ideas to reduce consumption of resources & new ways to manage your contribution torepparttar landfill. (okay - forgive us forrepparttar 135345 little plug!)

Justrepparttar 135346 other day there was a group of children walking down our streets downtown with bags cleaning uprepparttar 135347 area. We could all learn from this selfless act. Did you know that wind and traffic breezes carry waste from inland to water ways? Up to 80% ofrepparttar 135348 waste found in water ways originates inland. Something to think about...

There are all kinds of things we can do today, starting right now that make an immediate difference:

Yellowstone - A Ticking Time-Bomb?

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

For those of us who were fortunate enough to catch Discovery Channel's latest spine-gripping, docudrama, SuperVolcano this past weekend, we were made aware ofrepparttar chance that Yellowstone National Park's Super Volcano could be a literal, explosive and catastrophic time bomb.

Though many common, external traits of volcanos are viewed as Mountainous peaks and regions like that of Mount St. Helens Yellowstone's 'supervolcano' is unique. It is one ofrepparttar 134882 world's largest active volcanic systems. Inrepparttar 134883 last few million years, it has spawned several, massive volcanic eruptions; and relatively, it is likely to occur again. Because of its possible danger,repparttar 134884 US Geological Survey,repparttar 134885 University of Utah andrepparttar 134886 Yellowstone National Park combined forces to createrepparttar 134887 Yellowstone Volcano Observatory This observatory keeps a vigilant watch of regional activity.


Yellowstone's effervescent hot springs and magical geysers woo visitors byrepparttar 134888 millions every year. Unwittingly, most of these spectators have no clue as to how these natural wonders come to surface. Merely miles beneath them, brews a huge reservoir of an estimated 1,475-degree Fahrenheit, magma that fuels heat to produce these wondrous spectacles.

Meanwhile, its breathtaking scenery and natural wildlife illudes patrons of its below-ground, boiling carnage.


If and when Yellowstone blows, it could possibly emit massive volumes of magma that would evolve into a Pyroclastic Flow. This flow would catapult in multiple directions, causingrepparttar 134889 ground to collapse, and create large volcanic calderas

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