Hang On!

Written by Joyce C. Lock

God is love and He dwells within you. When you truly love, it is God loving through you. Therefore, it is never wrong to love.

Love means you love enough to do whatever is in other's best interest, meetingrepparttar needs of their heart. Sometimes, that is easy and wonderful. Other times, it is very hard and painful. But, love never fails. It will always accomplishrepparttar 126898 purpose in which God gave it.

In any area of service wherein God calls you to love, yet doors are closed, it becomes a heartache and longing within. You may even learn to be content. However, your soul will never, otherwise, be complete. As it is God who lives within you, it is God who prompts your heart to love. And, He doesn’t stop calling just because someone else disagrees, Ro. 11:29.

Hair of Women

Written by Joyce C. Lock

At this writing, my hair is a closed hand's breath above my waist. It has been some variation of long mostly since being a teen, out of preference.

Though, after having read an old book onrepparttar thoughts and beliefs that originated around a woman's hair, with much name calling towardrepparttar 126897 female gender, I did thorough research of scripture in reference to hair.

Having discovered sheep verses goats being symbolic of types of people, I traced to find a definition of their hair as beingrepparttar 126898 offspring seed of each.

Paul referred to himself as a type of father. Without going intorepparttar 126899 various symbolic definitions ofrepparttar 126900 term 'woman', even as we perceive it to mean today, some are mothers by having literal children.

But, even those without children, who teach children in Sunday School, take on a partial role of motherhood.

Though, greater yet is when we take upon a spiritual nurturing role to spiritual babes. The offspring of a woman's spiritual seed would bring much more glory thanrepparttar 126901 appearance of her physical head.

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