Handy First Aid Tips

Written by Jay Harris

When someone is injured or suddenly becomes ill, there is usually a critical period before you can get medical treatment and it is this period that is ofrepparttar utmost importance torepparttar 148603 victim. What you do, or what you don't do, in that interval can meanrepparttar 148604 difference between life and death. You owe it to yourself, your family and your neighbors to know and to understand procedures that you can apply quickly and intelligently in an emergency.Every household should have some type of first aid kit, and if you do not already have one, assemble your supplies now. Tailorrepparttar 148605 contents to fit your family's particular needs. Don't add first aid supplies torepparttar 148606 jumble of toothpaste and cosmetics inrepparttar 148607 medicine cabinet. Instead, assenble them in a suitable, labeled box (such as a fishing tackle box or small took chest with hinged cover), so that everything will be handy when needed. Label everything inrepparttar 148608 kit clearly, and indicate what it is used for.

Be sure not to lockrepparttar 148609 box - otherwise you may be hunting forrepparttar 148610 key when that emergency occurs. Placerepparttar 148611 box on a shelf beyondrepparttar 148612 reach of small children, and check it periodically and always restock items as soon as they are used up.

Keep all medications, including non-prescription drugs such as aspitin, out of reach of children. When discarding drugs, be sure to dispose of them where they cannot be retrieved by children or pets.

When an emergency occurs, make surerepparttar 148613 injured victim's airway is not blocked byrepparttar 148614 tongue and thatrepparttar 148615 mouth is free of any secretions and foreign objects. It is extremely important thatrepparttar 148616 person is breathing freely. And if not, you need to administer artificial respiration promptly.

You Can Have Healthy Skin

Written by Jay Harris

With new research, new products and new skin protection advice popping up allrepparttar time, it is hard to figure outrepparttar 148602 best things to do to improve and protect your skin.

A skin care program isrepparttar 148603 combination of skin care products and a routine that will be most beneficial torepparttar 148604 skin. You will first need to consider your diet and type of life-style since these two factors play an important role inrepparttar 148605 health of a person's skin.

These days we seem to be living inrepparttar 148606 fast-food age andrepparttar 148607 condition of your skin is often neglected. You still can't beat repparttar 148608 old fruit and vegetable diet when it comes to good health and a good complexion.

Remember to feed and nourish your skin by eatingrepparttar 148609 proper foods. Give your skin a drink too. Those eight glasses of water a day your mom always told you to be sure to drink are essential to maintaining your skin's elasticity and suppleness, say experts. And don't count coffee or any ofrepparttar 148610 caffeinated sodas as part ofrepparttar 148611 eight glasses because caffeine is dehydrating. The water you choose can be sparkling water, mineral or straight fromrepparttar 148612 tap. Another suggestion is that you keep a liter-size bottle close at hand, or simply drink a glass or two with your meals, and a few in between.

You need to give some thought and consideration torepparttar 148613 type of makeup you sue. And be sure to clean your tools regularly. Things such as cosmetic brushes get dirty and can carry bacteria and germs and may cause skin irritations and breaking out. One ofrepparttar 148614 leading cosmetic authorities suggests that cosmetic brushes be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a month. A good way is to soak brushes for about 10 minutes in a dish of warm, soapy water using mild liquid detergent or baby shampoo. Rinse and blot excess moisture with a towel and standrepparttar 148615 brushes, handle end down, in a tall glass until they are thoroughly dry.

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