Handmade Bridal Shower Invitations Can Reflect the Shower’s Theme

Written by John Doetsch

Handmade Bridal Shower Invitations serve a practical purpose, and you can make gorgeous invitations that reflectrepparttar bridal showers theme if you haverepparttar 122044 time and a bit of creativity. You’ll impressrepparttar 122045 guests and heightenrepparttar 122046 sense of anticipation as they look forward to your party.

For any theme party, stick torepparttar 122047 central idea and use it to design a simple but creative invitation. For a kitchen theme, for instance, you can cut out various shapes such as measuring cups, toasters, etc. A cute idea might be a toaster, with a slice of toast in a contrasting shade of construction paper popped into a slit. When they pullrepparttar 122048 toast out, allrepparttar 122049 information is written on it.

What about a beauty or spa theme? Just cut out invitations inrepparttar 122050 shape of hand mirrors and writerepparttar 122051 information on one side, then put aluminum foil onrepparttar 122052 other side forrepparttar 122053 mirror’s surface. Or fan-shaped invitations of folded paper for a touch ofrepparttar 122054 orient are nice, too.

A lingerie party’s invitations can be written on invitations cut out inrepparttar 122055 shape of little bras or panties. If you really want to be festive, glue a bit of lace trim on each ofrepparttar 122056 invitations to dress them up. Bridal shower invitations don’t have to be boring!

Chinese Marriage

Written by Wong Yee Lee

Chinese Marriage

In ancient China, a man could have as many concubines as possible afterrepparttar first wife. It was possible thatrepparttar 122043 youngest concubine would be a teenager whilerepparttar 122044 husband could be an ancient old man. Poor families sold their young daughters to rich families just because they could get some money fromrepparttar 122045 rich family and also get rid of a useless female inrepparttar 122046 family.

Since 1950,repparttar 122047 Chinese government has promulgated a law which stated that one man can only get married with one woman. It offendsrepparttar 122048 law for anyone who has more than one wife.

Inrepparttar 122049 past, parents arranged marriages were very common. Usually young people would have their spouse decided by their parents. Sometimes young people could only haverepparttar 122050 first look of their spouse at their wedding. It was also common that sometimes an arranged marriage could be organized even beforerepparttar 122051 child was born as long as parents from both families agreed.

In modern days, things have changed quite a lot. Free love prevails and lovers can choose to get married with whoever they love. Of course, in order to show their respect to their parents, formal agreement has still to be obtained prior to any proper marriage procedure.

Even more modern, matchmakers businesses are all thriving just because sometimes people find it a bit hard to find their true love.

Before getting married Before getting married, young people have to pay a formal visit to each other's parents. When visitingrepparttar 122052 girl's parents,repparttar 122053 boy has to bring with himrepparttar 122054 betrothal gifts in order to show sincerity. Whenrepparttar 122055 gifts are received, then bothrepparttar 122056 boy andrepparttar 122057 girl are engaged. Whenrepparttar 122058 girl visitsrepparttar 122059 boy's parents,repparttar 122060 parents have to prepare a formal gift forrepparttar 122061 future daughter-in-law.

In China, usuallyrepparttar 122062 newly wedded couple will move to live withrepparttar 122063 boy's family. Sometimes it is not surprising to see that they will live withrepparttar 122064 girl's family. However, in these modern days, young couples would prefer to live alone withoutrepparttar 122065 parents if they can afford to pay for a new flat or house.

One ofrepparttar 122066 wedding procedure is thatrepparttar 122067 bride has to prepare a dowry to be brought torepparttar 122068 bridegroom's family onrepparttar 122069 wedding day. A dowry is things bought byrepparttar 122070 bride's family, which includes blackest, clothes, accessories, daily necessities and etc.

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