Handing In Your Resignation and Serving Notice

Written by Gerard McLoughlin

Have you maderepparttar right choice? Before deciding to resign from your current position and move to a new employer, you should weigh up as objectively as possible allrepparttar 150658 relevant factors: remuneration, working environment, location, travel demands, training and development opportunities, promotional prospects, and your future bosses.

Consider also what impact a job withrepparttar 150659 new company would have on your resume. Once you have received and accepted a formal written commitment from your new employer, you should serve notice immediately.

It is important to behave in a professional manner throughoutrepparttar 150660 resignation process. Your character and your personal integrity should never be in question. Be positive; be co-operative; and avoid recriminations.

State that you are leavingrepparttar 150661 company and hand in your letter of resignation atrepparttar 150662 same time.

Be prepared for a reaction. If your employer presses you for reasons, give brief and positive answers. Donít argue or complain. Donít allow yourself to be deflected from your purpose or drawn into a protracted discussion.

Do everything possible to establish a friendly tone and leave a good impression. State that you are leaving because your new employment offers you opportunities for advancement. Your decision isrepparttar 150663 result of careful consideration.

Your written resignation should be concise and definite. Do not go into details or give your reasons for leaving. If you have any grievances, donít express them inrepparttar 150664 letter. Give no cause for animosity. Ask if there is anything you can do to ensure a smooth transition.

Inrepparttar 150665 letter, state that you are leaving and when. Give as much notice as possible. Two weeks is generally acceptable, but check your contract orrepparttar 150666 company handbook.

How To Create A Winning Impression In Your New Job

Written by Gerard McLoughlin

Congratulations! You've just been appointed to your new job. Nowrepparttar real work begins.

It is important fromrepparttar 150657 beginning to convince your new employers that, in selecting you, they have maderepparttar 150658 right choice.

* Demonstrate that you are highly-motivated and eager to get started.

* Discuss your duties and responsibilities; and establish your priorities. Set challenging, but achievable, short-term and long-term goals.

* To enable you to fit in quickly, find out as much you can about your company and its organisational structure.

* Identifyrepparttar 150659 most successful and highly valued people inrepparttar 150660 firm and analyserepparttar 150661 reasons for their success. Use them as your role models. Associate with colleagues who are perceived as ideal employees.

* Prepare carefully for meetings with your boss. Try to anticipate questions and be ready with positive and considered responses. Make sure you are always well-informed. Keep up to date on current issues.

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