Handicapping, Sportsbooks and Profits - OH MY!

Written by Thomas Straub

Handicapping, Sportsbooks and Profits - OH MY!

Do you like betting on Sports? If so, what do you likerepparttar most today?

* The thrill ofrepparttar 148647 action and winning? * The ease of betting online from anywhere inrepparttar 148648 world? * The potential to win substantial amounts of money?

All of these are part ofrepparttar 148649 fun. But of course, gambling isn't for everyone. For some it is against their beliefs, for others it is too powerful an addiction, and for others...well, you getrepparttar 148650 idea.

But for those that can treat sports betting like investing inrepparttar 148651 stock market, there are substantial benefits. You need a system. You need to do your homework. You need to realize it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather a long-term investment of time, money, research, and experience.

But once a person decides to get involved, what should they do?

1. You should contact a lawyer about whether it is legal for you to engage in offshore betting where you live. This is often an overlooked step which can lead to big headaches later on. Don't forget to do this!

2. Set up an accounting system so you can report your winnings. You should always report your winnings, period. If you have gambling losses, make sure you report them separately from all other sources (including lottery losses).

3. If you have a proven, winning system at betting on sports then you have an edge. This makes you an advantage player. However, most people don't have this level of knowledge and experience, and should rely on somebody else at least inrepparttar 148652 beginning that has donerepparttar 148653 research beyond looking up sports scores inrepparttar 148654 daily newspapers. These experts are known as handicappers. If you are just starting out, it may be worthwhile for you to seek one out, one you can trust. Odds are that if you just try doing it yourself, or, pick just any tout claiming to be a handicapper, you'll probably wind up losing all your money.

4. Actual betting is done using Sportsbooks, also known as books or bookmakers. As a personal aside, I recommend you don't call them bookies as it carries a connotation of illegality and won't get you into their best graces if you know what I mean. Picking a sportsbook you can trust is vital since you will be giving your money to them to make your bets for you, and you are relying on them to pay you your winnings.

Take a Hiking Pole on Your Next Hike

Written by Monica Marty

Take a Hiking Pole on Your Next Hike

It isrepparttar downhill ski racing competition ofrepparttar 148465 winter Olympics. You watch a ski racer zoom downrepparttar 148466 slope manoeuvring throughrepparttar 148467 ski gates. However, you notice that something is missing. The skier has on skis, boots, and a giant slalom skin tight racing suit. You realize what’s missing when their arms flail about causing them to lose their balance on a patch of ice. They are missing their ski poles.

It isrepparttar 148468 cross country skiing competition ofrepparttar 148469 winter Olympics. You cheer fromrepparttar 148470 crowd asrepparttar 148471 skiers fly downrepparttar 148472 trail. Each skier pushes hard with their ski poles. However, one skier is left far behindrepparttar 148473 pack because he does not have any ski poles. His graceful cross country rhythm has been interrupted due to a lack of balance.

In both cases,repparttar 148474 skiers lostrepparttar 148475 race because they were missing their ski poles. Ski poles are vital because they help maintain balance, provide support, and relieve some ofrepparttar 148476 pressure off your body. Ifrepparttar 148477 use of a ski pole is so crucial, then why is it that many hikers do not use a hiking pole during their hikes?

You might not think of a hiking or trekking pole as a necessity until you compare hiking to cross country skiing. In hiking you traverse across a terrain of varying degrees and obstacles. There is constant stress and strain on your muscles and joints as you navigate through rocks, sandy areas, and elevated terrain. Your knees and lower back are constantly adjusting torepparttar 148478 pressure placed on them. This can lead to soreness and pain. This is comparable torepparttar 148479 demands of cross country skiing.

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