Handcrafted Log Furniture

Written by Paul G Skelton

I love what I do,do you.I have been makeing log furniture sence 1980 and doing it at home fulltime.They said that I would never make a living at that,will let me tell you that made me work even harder at succeding.

Intelligence, Internment & Relocation

Written by Keith Robar

If you don't read it you won't know what you don't know. How will you benefit from reading Intellligence, Internment & Relocation?  You will gain added respect forrepparttar A-team that led us to victory in WW II.  You will be reminded of your responsibility as a citizen to keep a sharp eye on Congress as it conductsrepparttar 125556 people's business.  You will learn of Japan's massive espionage and sabotage campaign that threatenedrepparttar 125557 survival of our Republic. The tides of war were running most

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