Handcrafted Cigar Box Purses

Written by Hilery Hixon

A cigar box purse is not just a purse; it is a piece of art. A real conversation piece, a cigar box purse has a charm and beauty all its own! Made from authentic cigar boxes, these purses can even feature photos and collages of your family and pets. Many even pay homage to a bygone era with vintage images of advertisements, ladies, dancers and animals.

Most cigar box purses still displayrepparttar wood burned logos onrepparttar 142417 sides to serve as a reminder ofrepparttar 142418 roots of your beautiful purse. They can also be lined with luxurious fabrics. You can find them with tassels, beads and all sorts of embellishments. The handles are also numerous in design: beads, bamboo, brass and so much more.

The Different Styles of Tents Available Today

Written by Ian Wide

The dictionary defines a tent as 'a portable shelter usually of canvas or other cloth stretched over poles or supports and fastened torepparttar ground with pegs and ropes'. That definition covers a wide variety of structures in many sizes, shapes and styles. Whether you're looking for family shelter on a camping trip, a pavilion for a wedding or a beach canopy, there's a tent to suit your needs.

When choosing a tent for camping, you'll need to consider how it will be used, how it will be carried, how many people will be sleeping in it, and how easy it will be to set up. The following descriptions of broad styles of tents should help you decide what kind of tent is best for your camping trip.

FRAME TENTS - Frame tents are generally regarded as an older style of tent. They use aluminum or steel poles to form a frame over whichrepparttar 141686 tent cloth, usually canvas, is draped. The newer styles are often made of cotton or a synthetic fabric with fiberglass frames. Frame tents can be elaborately designed and offer a great deal of room and structure inside. The biggest disadvantage is that they are often difficult to erect.

DOME TENTS - Dome tents are amongrepparttar 141687 most popular styles. Dome construction is used in tents as simple as children's bed tents. They generally consist of a fabric tent and flexible fiberglass or plastic tent 'poles' that slip through sleeves inrepparttar 141688 fabric. The poles are shaped byrepparttar 141689 fabric and giverepparttar 141690 tent its rigidity. They're easy to set up and collapse, lightweight, and often offer a great deal of head room and comfort. Their major disadvantage is that they may be unstable in high winds.

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