Halo 2 Multiplayer Tips for Beginners and Advanced players

Written by Tony James

Here are some general tips from an advanced player for all of you who are looking for an edge in this game. You may know some or allrepparttar things in this article depending on your skill level. Even if you are an expert player this article should help you rememberrepparttar 146589 fundamental that make you a good player. This article focuses on individual fighting tips, perhaps a future article will address team strategy.

Weapon Combos: From close range you can hit for a lot more damage when holding two weapons. From a distance,repparttar 146590 battle rifle isrepparttar 146591 weapon of choice if you cannot get your hands on a sniper rifle. My favorite combo for quick kills isrepparttar 146592 plasma rifle/smg combo andrepparttar 146593 pistol/smg combo. If you aim atrepparttar 146594 opponents head and they donít aim at your head, like most people, they will be wondering how they died so fast. The plasma rifle combo is better against multiple opponents andrepparttar 146595 pistol is more effective against single opponents. This is becauserepparttar 146596 pistol runs out of ammo quickly. If you can find a plasma pistol,repparttar 146597 plasma pistol/smg combo is not bad, but it leaves you vulnerable if you missrepparttar 146598 charged shot or if there are multiple opponents.

Plasma Pistol/Battle Rifle: This in my opinion isrepparttar 146599 ultimate combo. If you are at close to medium range, hit them withrepparttar 146600 plasma pistol and shoot them inrepparttar 146601 head withrepparttar 146602 battle rifle. At long range, pick them off withrepparttar 146603 battle rifle. This is a frustrating combo to fight against whenrepparttar 146604 opponent is good. This is one ofrepparttar 146605 reasons you see a lot of Human Slayer games now.

Grenades: This is one ofrepparttar 146606 things that separate good players from weaker ones. It takes a lot of practice to become an expert with grenades, but it is one ofrepparttar 146607 easiest ways to kill someone. Use common sense, throwrepparttar 146608 grenade whererepparttar 146609 player will be not where they are right now. If you see someone running towards you, backup behind a wall and throw a grenade in their path. If you are surrounded, try to get off two grenades and you will sometimes get several kills. If you hit someone with a frag grenade, and you hit them inrepparttar 146610 head with a battle rifle, they die in one shot.

Evolution of Gaming : Graphics vs Gameplay

Written by Tony James

If you are old enough to rememberrepparttar early days of computer gaming you know there were a lot of great games that were fun because ofrepparttar 146555 exceptional gameplay and not justrepparttar 146556 graphics. Gaming started to become a little more popular inrepparttar 146557 90s once people started buying computers. Inrepparttar 146558 early 90s games like Maniac Mansion, X-com 1, and Civilization were extremely hot because of their addictive unique gameplay. Today gaming is mainstream and marketed towards a mass audience. In order to market to everyone, many games these days focus onrepparttar 146559 graphics and special effects rather than unique gameplay. You see many games that seem to be carbon copies of each other with slightly different twists.

These days, a lot of games try to be as realistic as possible and haverepparttar 146560 most textures and polygons jammed in to wow your eyes. In order to market to everyone, many games these days focus onrepparttar 146561 graphics and special effects rather than unique gameplay. Although there is nothing wrong with a game with beautiful graphics, oncerepparttar 146562 novelty ofrepparttar 146563 graphics runs out,repparttar 146564 gameplay is what keeps you playing. You see many games that seem to be carbon copies of each other with slightly different twists. There are a few games like Halo 2 whererepparttar 146565 developers obviously spent a lot of time fine tuning to make surerepparttar 146566 gameplay was as enjoyable as possible. With Halo 2,repparttar 146567 two things that give it an edge in my opinion isrepparttar 146568 fact thatrepparttar 146569 movement of players is slower than most games andrepparttar 146570 weapons are highly balanced. Also, rather than throwing tons of multiplayer maps atrepparttar 146571 player,repparttar 146572 developers focused on making a limited number of quality maps.

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