Halfway Through Summer - Are We Having Fun Yet

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

Today is Thursdayrepparttar 23rd of June and weíre almost halfway throughrepparttar 144848 summer can you believe it.

It seem to me that you wait and wait to get pastrepparttar 144849 winter (at least here inrepparttar 144850 Northeast) then some years a wet soggy spring and finally your rewarded with sunny warm weather.

Once it arrives you run madly around getting your yard ready for outdoor activities. You dash offrepparttar 144851 the local nursery to purchase a few new perennials (that you hope will grow) several varieties of annuals to fill uprepparttar 144852 pots forrepparttar 144853 steps, Oh yes and donít forgetrepparttar 144854 hanging baskets.

Now you donít mind paying (in some cases) ridicules prices for these beautiful flowers after youíve waited it seems like forever just to be able to put them out and admire them. Iím sure that most of you (this author is not included here) have already gotten your yard, gardens, patios and decks spruced up and have already been enjoying this wonderful summer season.

No, well if you happen to be a late starter (this is where yours truly comes in) itís not to late.

In fact here is my list, maybe you can use it to get ready and start having fun.

Letís see, Saturday morning arrives, time to checkrepparttar 144855 to-do list.

1) Drag out pots and planters, clean then fill with potting mix (you did remember to pick up some right) then plant annuals.

2) Weed and prepare ground for new Perennials

3) Put up hangers on porch and put shepherds hooks into ground, hang up hanging baskets.

4) Get patio furniture out of storage and clean off. 5) Clean up spilled dirt (from annual planting) put away tools used for hangers.

Dear Guy

Written by Erik Sheppard


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