Half-Baked E-Mail

Written by Harry Hoover

If you are serious about adding e-mail to your marketing mix, you should take e-mail seriously enough to develop a plan for it. Too many organizations launch a half-baked e-mail program and then are disappointed when it doesn’t live up to expectations.

The plan does not have to be as long as War And Peace, but it must include a few key elements so that you can develop a focused, targeted, measurable program that gets results. At a minimum, here arerepparttar elements that I recommend:

• Objectives

• Audience Definition

• Key Messages

• Format

• Tactics

• Timeline

• Budget

• Measurement

First, determine what is it that you wantrepparttar 109608 e-mail program to achieve from marketing and communications perspectives. Is this a newsletter designed for relationship management purposes, or is it a sales-oriented vehicle? Are you trying to build awareness, generate leads, increase web traffic, encourage loyalty, or close sales?

Next, you need to define audiences. Who are you trying to reach? What do you know about them from demographic and psychographic perspectives? Are you addressing multiple audiences? If so, do you need to segment your audiences and develop e-mails with different messages? How will each audience profit from our communications.

Now, what is it you want to say to each audience? What’srepparttar 109609 nature ofrepparttar 109610 content? Will this include just editorial information or will it also contain some sales-oriented material?

Closely tied to messages is your format. Are you producing a newsletter with a lot of editorial material, or does it contain just brief snippets of information? Is it an announcement list, a discussion list, or just commercial messages? Think about your audiences as you developrepparttar 109611 most appropriate format.

Give Your Visitors a Free Email Course

Written by David McKenzie

Are you providing a free email course to your visitors?

A great way to disseminate content online is via an email course. Better still isrepparttar WAY you can distributerepparttar 109607 information.

Email courses allow you to split up your information into easily readable chunks. Each email needs to be only about 6 to 10 paragraphs long.

For example, lets assume your content is “7 Tips for Getting Published Online”. With an email course, you can provide a 7 part series with a different tip in each part. This email course could go out to your subscribers every other day so they receive it over a period of 2 weeks.

You want to make sure your email course is free so do not give away everything you have to offer. Just provide some important information which will lead potential buyers to look at what else you have to offer. You want to give them a taste of what they can get.

Then what you want to do is offer your products or services for sale in each email. If you are sending 7 emails as part of your email course then you get 7 opportunities to advertise what you have to offer.

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