Hair Plug Horror - Revisiting Standard Punch Graft

Written by Maggie Kay

Standard punch grafting isrepparttar procedure responsible for givingrepparttar 127635 hair restoration industry a bad name. Unrefined in technique and esthetically displeasing in appearance, standard punch grafting isrepparttar 127636 old “hair plug” method that was popularized inrepparttar 127637 1980s.

This hair transplant procedure involved removing skin fromrepparttar 127638 front ofrepparttar 127639 scalp to make room forrepparttar 127640 large plugs (about 4mm) that were to be implanted. The plugs contained many hair follicles and gave an unnatural, obvious look torepparttar 127641 hairline and scalp. Hair plugs wererepparttar 127642 standard form of hair restoration for many years.

The Problems with Standard Punch Grafts There are many negative aspects associated withrepparttar 127643 hair plug procedure:

- Hair plugs contain about 15-35 hairs each and arerepparttar 127644 size of pencil erasers, givingrepparttar 127645 scalp an unattractive, “corn row” look. - Only a small number of hair follicles take root afterrepparttar 127646 plug is transplanted because many ofrepparttar 127647 follicles are severed during removal fromrepparttar 127648 donor area. This is damaging torepparttar 127649 patient because it destroys precious hair follicles. - Punch grafts leave large wounds onrepparttar 127650 scalp which increasesrepparttar 127651 length ofrepparttar 127652 recovery period. This limits surgeons to perform only 20 to 50 grafts each sitting, thereby prolongingrepparttar 127653 hair restoration process to many sessions.

Shedding Some Light on Laser Hair Graft

Written by Maggie Kay

We’ve all heard about laser hair removal but did you know that lasers are used in hair transplant procedures as well?

The Food and Drug Administration approved laser hair grafting inrepparttar 1990s and it soon became a popular method of hair transplantation.

Lasers are used to create tiny holes into which hair follicles are transplanted. Healing is faster and there is no scarring atrepparttar 127634 site of transplant.

Nevertheless, there are some negative aspects to this procedure. For example, lasers reduce blood circulation to new grafts because they seal blood vessels. This causesrepparttar 127635 hair graft to grow at a slower pace than usual, occasionally resulting in uneven hair growth patterns.

What doesrepparttar 127636 Laser Hair Grafting procedure entail? Laser hair grafting is completed inrepparttar 127637 following steps:

1. Hair grafts are taken fromrepparttar 127638 back ofrepparttar 127639 head (the donor area).

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