"Had The Winning Bid, did you?"

Written by Jane Fulton

Had The Winning Bid, did you? (c)janes-place

You arrive at an online auction and are eager to start bidding. You start looking atrepparttar descriptions and pictures of items you are interested in. Thenrepparttar 109470 bidding starts.............

Wow! The excitement! You are now bidding onrepparttar 109471 item that you really *must* have. Whenrepparttar 109472 bidding ends, you are notified that you haverepparttar 109473 winning bid! My, how excited you are! You send your payment through Paypal or by mail. You can't wait to receiverepparttar 109474 item! After all, it is a *must* have item!

You wait anxiously forrepparttar 109475 mailman to deliver your package. You can't wait everyday until he deliversrepparttar 109476 mail. You run torepparttar 109477 mailbox as soon as he leaves. This goes on for weeks! Now it's been months. It *never* arrives.

Don't feel that you arerepparttar 109478 only one that has experienced this. In 1999, consumers lost more than $3 billion to Internet fraud [National Consumer League]. People never received what they purchased orrepparttar 109479 merchandise they did receive wasn't whatrepparttar 109480 seller had described.

What do you do now?

First, contactrepparttar 109481 person sellingrepparttar 109482 merchandise. Mistakes *do* happpen. Be sure to keep a copy ofrepparttar 109483 correspondance [mail or email], between you andrepparttar 109484 seller.

Didn't get anywhere with that approach?

**Complain torepparttar 109485 on-line auction site. Be sure you can give them proof of your payment and have copies of any correspondance between you andrepparttar 109486 seller.

**Check to see ifrepparttar 109487 site offers a dispute resolution service. This service works for you,repparttar 109488 buyer.

**Most online auction sites have some type of insurance program. Ex- eBay will cover up to $200, minus a $25 deductible if you don't receive your item or receive items that don't live up to their description.

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