Written by Jinky C. Mesias

Digital printing is one of technology’s greatest inventions. It has lowered down printing cost significantly that more and more people are changing to digital printing. Digital printers haverepparttar speed of 125ppm for black printing jobs and 45ppm for full color printing. This capability of digital printing is very much appropriate to printing manuals and more. Aside from that, digital printing is also great in printing small quantities of print projects.

Likewise, digital printing has maderepparttar 148715 printing process a much easier one since it does not requirerepparttar 148716 used of plates or films. And since it does not use plates and filmsrepparttar 148717 run time usually involved in printing is eradicated. The emergence of digital printing has pave way for boundless possibilities that have been impossible inrepparttar 148718 past. Take for example paperback books which are rather expensive when printed by means of litho printing but with digital printingrepparttar 148719 same print quality can be achieved at a much affordable price. Digital printing can even go as far as personalizing each printed page throughrepparttar 148720 use of variable digital data withinrepparttar 148721 text. It can also print almost anything starting from small quantities of print projects up to large volume of print jobs.

Digital printing has alsorepparttar 148722 capacity to perfectly print indexes and dividers without constraint torepparttar 148723 number of texts and images printed on them. And also, digital printing has made reprinting much easier as well as faster and at a much lower price.


Written by Jinky C. Mesias

So just what is 4 color printing? 4color printing is a process wherein it make used of 4 screens and 4 inks in order to reproducerepparttar color ofrepparttar 148714 original image. 4color printing is also referred to as process printing and it is considered to berepparttar 148715 best in full color printing.

4color printing has somewhat revolutionizedrepparttar 148716 printing industry since it has made color jobs easy and affordable. Aside from that,repparttar 148717 images printed by means of 4color printing really stands out while its stunning colors providerepparttar 148718 copy withrepparttar 148719 touch it needs to equalrepparttar 148720 quality ofrepparttar 148721 original image. 4color printing can make any stale document come to life at a cost that won’t breakrepparttar 148722 bank. Likewise, 4 color printing is best when used in business cards since it can really impressed clients. The colors are simply awesome, guarantees that your business cards won’t be put in trash. 4color printing assures you that your business cards will reflect an exemplifying image of you and your business. Clients are sure to call you since you have successfully grabbed their attention. Another advantage is that you won’t need to provide them with souvenirs since your business card is enough to function as your souvenir. And of course with client calling yourepparttar 148723 possibility of closing a deal is not farfetched. With sales comes business growth. By using 4color printing your business is assured of a market share.

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