Written by Regina Stevens

The IT and IS community is huge. There are many different fields inrepparttar IT and IS communities just like a state has different cities. Since IT and IS are vast, there are many different job titles, not all of them make sense and this is what makes it confusing as to what type of job to apply for and who to hire.

I will attempt to giverepparttar 133485 Human Resource (HR) folks tips on hiring IT and IS personnel, what HR should not assume, why HR should not think that a certification is a deciding factor in hiring someone, and bring to light some ofrepparttar 133486 unrealistic qualifications I have seen on job boards.

First thing is to ask an existing Information Technology (IT) or Information Systems (IS) employee to reviewrepparttar 133487 resume! They have a better understanding on whether or notrepparttar 133488 applicant can performrepparttar 133489 job. If you have no IT or IS employees, find a consultant in one ofrepparttar 133490 two communities Ė try a company that has an IT or IS department.

Try to remember these simple tips:

-Ask which field within IT or ISrepparttar 133491 applicant is experienced or interested in

-Most object-oriented programmers can pick up another object-oriented programming language in no time - just like assembly language programmers can pick up another assembly language in no time

-Most graphic designers can learn another graphic software in no time

-Donít assume that a network technician can design or develop your website (or want to)

-Donít assume that a web designer or web developer can also take on network technician duties

-Donít assume that a web designer is a web developer and vice versa Ė although it happens often

Just because an applicant has a certification does not mean a hill of beans. A lot of time, all this means is thatrepparttar 133492 applicant could afford to takerepparttar 133493 test. There are many people out there who can dorepparttar 133494 job you have available. To hire someone just because ofrepparttar 133495 certification is not only decreasing your chances of findingrepparttar 133496 right applicant, but you are excluding quite a number of people who can accomplish your mission. Don't get me wrong about certifications though, these people have more than likely studied hard to get them, but still, it should not be your deciding factor in hiring someone. How many of you have hired someone becauserepparttar 133497 applicant had a certification only to wish you had not done so?

Q association management software release 1.2 announced July 31, 2004

Written by gomembers, Inc.

[Herndon, VA]--- gomembers, Inc. released version 1.2 of Q,repparttar comprehensive enterprise membership management software built usingrepparttar 133484 Microsoft .NET architecture. Q provides an open, scalable platform with increased performance, lower cost and easy deployment. A browser-based solution, Q providesrepparttar 133485 ability for users to access their data from virtually anywhere viarepparttar 133486 Internet.

Version 1.2 offers many enhancements torepparttar 133487 product, including increased functionality ofrepparttar 133488 search and entry functions forrepparttar 133489 membership database, which allows members to update their information viarepparttar 133490 web. Other improvements are seen inrepparttar 133491 home page capabilities, improvingrepparttar 133492 individualized user options for their home page function and connectivity with external sources.

Q, its reporting module QRD (Query, Reporting and Data Extraction) and Q-commerce provide a powerful solution for your member driven organization that lets you be more customer-centric with easy-to-use, well-organized web capabilities. Usingrepparttar 133493 latest .NET architecture, Q connects you to companies and entities with different systems and maximizesrepparttar 133494 technology for all membership functions.

For more information on gomembers' solutions, please visitrepparttar 133495 Products section of our website.

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