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If you have sensitive information on your website that is subject to unauthorized use, you need to encrypt it! For your convenience, we have placed our popular HTML encryption utility online. It's fast, safe, and very easy to use!

This utility will encrypt your HTML source code to prevent others from viewing it or copying it. The encrypted HTML code will work exactly likerepparttar original, including any CSS styling, scripts, etc.

Please feel free to use this utility free of charge and recommend it to your friends and associates.

This HTML Encryption utility will:

* Protect your HTML source code, scripts, etc. from unauthorized copying. * Protect your affiliate links from hijacking (which costs you your hard-earned commissions). * Prevent email harvesting robots from extracting your email address from your web pages and adding you to a SPAM list.

Directions for usingrepparttar 145175 encryption utility:

1. Make a backup copy of your original HTML source file. You'll need to keep an un-encrypted copy in order to make changes torepparttar 145176 HTML inrepparttar 145177 future. 2. Pasterepparttar 145178 HTML code that you wish to encrypt intorepparttar 145179 box below. This can be an entire web page, an email address, a link, a script, or pretty much anything that you can put on a web page! 3. Clickrepparttar 145180 "Encrypt HTML" button. 4. Clickrepparttar 145181 "Place Encrypted HTML Code Onto The Clipboard" button. This automatically copiesrepparttar 145182 encrypted HTML code torepparttar 145183 clipboard for you. 5. Simply pasterepparttar 145184 encrypted HTML code in place ofrepparttar 145185 original HTML code and you're done. To encrypt another block of HTML code, clickrepparttar 145186 "Clear Box" button and start over with step 1. 6. If you find our HTML Encryption utility useful, please consider linking to us from your website. Click here for linking information. Thank you very much!

Disclaimer: By using this utility, you agree that RLROUSE.COM is not responsible for any type of data loss or corruption that may result. Be sure to back up your original HTML code before using this utility.

Paste original HTML inrepparttar 145187 box:

HTML Encryption by HTML Encryption

Welcome to

Protecting Websites Worldwide

Protect your website with Our software package gives yourepparttar 145188 highest in encryption and security levels for bothrepparttar 145189 business and home user.

Hide your source code by, encrypting HTML, PHP, ASP, XHTML, JSP, SHTML files. Protect your images and graphics on your site by adding anti-copy to your pages. Stop spam in your emails by usingrepparttar 145190 HTMLBlock anonymous email sender.

Preview A Protected Page Using HTML Block Plug-in

Would you like to see what HTML Block can really do? Usingrepparttar 145191 latest plug-in security HTML Block really puts Internet technology torepparttar 145192 test! To view our protected pages please download our plug-in below you begin.

Step 1- Download HTML Block plug-in.

Download Plug-in

Step 2- Once you have downloadedrepparttar 145193 plug-in viewrepparttar 145194 protected page.

Preview protected page

HTML Block takes Your Site To The Test

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Positive Feedback And Awards

Hi, I used HTML Block and I found itrepparttar 145195 easiest and best software for protecting my website unlike other more expensive products. I protected my whole site in less than 10 minutes. As I run a artwork website people can't steal my photos anymore which saves me my time and money and has given my business a professional look as I no longer have to use watermarks on my images.

Thank you, Thomas Cooke.

Best Website Security Software 2005 Award. HTML Block is packed full of incredible security features. If we were to recommend any website security product it would be HTML Block hands down for its flexibility and super strong encryption levels.


Written by Eddie Traversa

Think of DHTML as not a singular technology but a combination of three existing technologies glued together byrepparttar Document Object Model (DOM):

1. HTML - For creating text and image links and other page elements.

2. CSS - Style Sheets for further formatting of text and html plus other added features such as positioning and layering content.

3. JavaScript - The programming language that allows you to accesses and dynamically controlrepparttar 105179 individual properties of both HTML and Style Sheets.

The way JavaScript accessesrepparttar 105180 properties of an HTML document is throughrepparttar 105181 Document Object Model (DOM). The job ofrepparttar 105182 DOM is to expose allrepparttar 105183 attributes of HTML and Style sheets to JavaScript control. All you need to know aboutrepparttar 105184 DOM is what JavaScript commands it accepts. Not that easy, as different browsers have their slightly different versions ofrepparttar 105185 DOM, so they access HTML properties differently as well as display them differently.

So how do you locate an HTML element on a page and change its property? This isrepparttar 105186 job of JavaScript. Obviously, I cant into allrepparttar 105187 details of JavaScript orrepparttar 105188 DOM, but here is an example of how JavaScript can change a visibility of a style sheet layer in both browsers.

Note: That every piece of HTML has a location much like a directory in a phone book. When finding that piece of HTML you have to go throughrepparttar 105189 same hierarchy process of searching for a name inrepparttar 105190 phone book such as

(state) Washington -> (City) Seattle -> (Listings) j -> (Name) Jessica

In JavaScript, a reference to this would be equivalent to


Now Jessica may have additional information such as her address and phone number, sorepparttar 105191 JavaScript reference would be written this way.



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