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Written by Richard Lowe

So you want to create a web site? Great idea! There are few things in this world as satisfying as creating a good web site and having other people look at it, comment on it and like it.

You have many choices inrepparttar tools that you use to perform this act of creation. If you already know HTML or if you are a "purist", you can just userepparttar 118058 simplest, most basic program of all - Notepad. In fact, many webmasters do just that, and many ofrepparttar 118059 best looking web sites are created completely by hand with no help at all from any other tool.

Some ofrepparttar 118060 editors that I have used overrepparttar 118061 years are listed below, with a few brief comments about each. There are many other editors onrepparttar 118062 market, some good, some bad.

Notepad [Free with operating system]

Many people just use Notepad to edit their HTML files. What is Notepad? It'srepparttar 118063 text editing program that comes with all versions of Windows. Notepad is extremely simple, which more or less means you get to do everything (and I mean everything) by hand. Personally, I like to use Notepad occasionally to make quick and dirty edits to my web site when Dreamweaver or Frontpage 2000 won't dorepparttar 118064 job.

NoteTab Light [Freeware]

NoteTab Light is a replacement for Notepad which is intended to include some extensions to make editing HTML easier. It's simple and easy to use, but not extraordinarily powerful.

Arachnophilia [Careware]

This is an excellent HTML editor with many features. If you like editing HTML and don't really want a WYSIWYG interface, then this is probablyrepparttar 118065 editor for you. Highly recommended. Byrepparttar 118066 way, this product is "care ware", meaning if you keep it you must "care" for a short time.

NoteTab Pro [Shareware - inexpensive]

This is a very powerful and cheap HTML editor. It has a dictionary, clipart, a handy global-replacement feature and lots of other things to help makerepparttar 118067 webmaster's life easier.

FrontPage 2000 [Very expensive]


Written by windsong

How do you write your code so that it shows up on all or most browsersrepparttar way you want it to look? By understanding which browsers support which tags, and using a validation service to check your code.

There are different tags that sometimes dorepparttar 118057 same thing. The problem here, is that some browers read some tags and not others. Ifrepparttar 118058 browser can't read your tags, it will cause your page to appear in some way other than what you intended. The trick is to write your code in such a way that all, or at least most browsers can read and display itrepparttar 118059 way it is supposed to be.

You will find an HTML Tag List at: You can use this as you are writing your code and avoid some pitfalls. It only covers Netscape and Internet Explorer. These arerepparttar 118060 most used browsers, and probably includes about 80 percent or more ofrepparttar 118061 online crowd.

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