HQHosts dedicated and shared web hosting: economical Server Wizard and Per Gigabyte services

Written by Venera Seit-Dzhelilova

HQHost, a web hosting provider, informs about its high end Server Wizard and Per Gigabyte services for its dedicated and shared web hosting clients. In order to decrease their outlay on web hosting, HQHosts clients can control their hosting funds by creating their own web hosting packages.

August 5, 2004 HQHost Company, a high end web hosting provider, makes clearrepparttar advantages of its economical Server Wizard service for dedicated server clients and Per Gigabyte web hosting service for its shared hosting clients to be able to create their own suitable web hosting plans.

Any web hosting can be economical if taken sensibly. HQHosts Server Wizard and Per Gigabyte web hosting services are vivid examples of economical approach to your hosting expenses. Both dedicated server clients and shared hosting clients can benefit from these services by creating their own web hosting plans withrepparttar 134381 required bandwidth and storage space.

These services are especially designed to cater torepparttar 134382 needs of web hosting clients. No more long bills. You pay only for what you have used, not more not less, says Serg Sabetyev, CEO of HQHost Company.

Standard web hosting packages advertised everywhere demand a fixed price for certain amount of bandwidth. The burning question is if a client is able to use allrepparttar 134383 gigabytes ordered. In case of non-exhaustingrepparttar 134384 limit,repparttar 134385 client will payrepparttar 134386 whole fixed cost ofrepparttar 134387 package. In caserepparttar 134388 client exceedsrepparttar 134389 limit, he pays much more per additional gigabyte. There isrepparttar 134390 third alternative. HQHosts Per Gigabyte web hosting service applies torepparttar 134391 shared hosting customers http://www.hq-host.com/en/virtual.html. Calculaterepparttar 134392 required bandwidth for your site and pay only those gigabytes you are going to use.

Choosing a web host is like choosing a place to eat, you want quality food with good, honest service.

Written by M6.net

If you are anything like me, youd probably like to have a website onrepparttar Internet but you just have no idea how to go about it. All this talk of web hosting, bandwidth, disc space, and other jargon can cause one to say, This is too complicated and technical, I just wanted to have a place to put all of my favorite skateboarding photos, cool information on ramp designs, andrepparttar 134380 best places to skate! To get a website onrepparttar 134381 Web you have to go through a web host. The question is how do you findrepparttar 134382 web host for you?

If you type web host into your search engine like Google you will get thousands of sites. Hit on one of these and like any product onrepparttar 134383 market you will see all sorts of persuasive propaganda to incite you to use their company; that is if you can decipher any ofrepparttar 134384 technical jargon that only computer-heads can comprehend. Some web hosts offer free business cards with an account; some probably offer free watcheslike all consumer industries yourepparttar 134385 buyer must beware.

Im a writer so Ill userepparttar 134386 analogy of a writers journal. The journal I like must not be too big or small in book size. It also must have a good amount of space allocated to each day, again not a whole page but not just a few lines. Of course I also want it to be cheap but of a good quality that wont fall apart while Im using it, and I hope it would last for posterity. I just wantrepparttar 134387 diary, some nice pictures in it are O.K. but unnecessary especially if it adds torepparttar 134388 price.

Itsrepparttar 134389 same with a web host and web site scenario. You want to getrepparttar 134390 right deal for you, enough space and enough access torepparttar 134391 public that you wish to associate with. As a novice who doesnt understand allrepparttar 134392 jargon this can pose a problem. Are you an individual, small business, blog, or a big time corporation? What do you need and how do you get it?

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