Written by Beka Ruse

Smart marketers know that follow up autoresponders drive sales. But, many don't know how to writerepparttar e-mail messages they need in order to use these tools.

Don't let that keep you from increased profits! Write masterful messages with these simple steps:

* Pullrepparttar 129624 Reader in * Introducerepparttar 129625 Product * Explainrepparttar 129626 Product's Significance * Tellrepparttar 129627 Reader to Make a Purchase

(Examples in this article userepparttar 129628 fictional product "Green Garden Lawn Fertilizer". Any similarity to actual products is unintended and coincidental.)

-------------------------- PULL THE READER IN --------------------------

First, convince your audience that your text is worth reading. Make your first sentence or two very interesting: Make a bold statement, say something seemingly ridiculous, or appeal to your prospect's emotional side. Later, tie this grabber in withrepparttar 129629 rest of your copy. For instance:

"Want to make your neighbors jealous? How about with a lush, green lawn in just 2 weeks?"

-------------------------- INTRODUCE THE PRODUCT --------------------------

What isrepparttar 129630 product you're advertising? What does it do? Directly after your grabber, give a compact explanation of your product. Keep this explanation short, while still being very clear. For example:

"Green Garden Lawn Fertilizer is takingrepparttar 129631 landscaping industry by storm. What else can give yourepparttar 129632 lawn of your dreams in just 15 minutes a day?"

-------------------------- EXPLAIN THE PRODUCT'S SIGNIFICANCE --------------------------

What will it do for me? This isrepparttar 129633 time for details - make this section long and rich. Suggest a variety of product uses, and give examples. Makerepparttar 129634 most of this opportunity to directly target your unique audience! Clearly explain how your readers will benefit from your product.

-------------------------- TELL THE READER TO MAKE A PURCHASE --------------------------

How to Write a Million Dollar Sales Letter

Written by Bruce Barton

When you consider thatrepparttar average successful letter gets about a 0.02% response, Barton clearly leaped past anyone else in his letter writing skills. But what was his secret?

After studying Barton's letters, books, private memos, speeches, and advertising campaigns, I've discovered Barton's method. I've used his technique to write my own letters and I've been astonished atrepparttar 129622 results. One letter got a 20% response. Another nailed a 10% response. Still another is approaching a 97% response (ninety-seven per cent!)! (It, too, is in The Seven Lost Secrets Of Success.)

I will now revealrepparttar 129623 technique I've been using: Bruce Barton's "Secret Formula."

Barton said that good advertising copy (and letters are advertisements) had to be three things: (1) Brief. (2) Simple. (3). Sincere. In an eye-opening essay he wrote back in 1925, Barton saidrepparttar 129624 following:

About Brevity:

"About sixty years ago two men spoke at Gettysburg; one man spoke for two hours. I suppose there is not any one who could quote a single word of that oration. The other man spoke about three hundred words, and that address has become a part ofrepparttar 129625 school training of almost every child."

About Simplicity:

"I think it might be said, no advertisement is great that has anything that can't be understood by a child of intelligence. Certainly allrepparttar 129626 great things in life are one-syllable things -- child, home, wife, fear, faith, love, God."

About Sincerity:

"I believerepparttar 129627 public has a sixth sense for detecting insincerity, and we run a tremendous risk if we try to make other people believe in something we don't believe in. Somehow our sin will find us out."

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