Written by Craig Lock

Just thought I'd share a few thoughts on how to userepparttar amazing powers of your creative imagination torepparttar 129891 fullest in overcoming "writer's block"...

Letting you know that I start all my novels with a BASIC PLOT (plan) and don't have much idea how it's all going to end up ("pan out". I don't use techniques, like "mindmapping" and have found that by writing one chapter at a time then simply "letting go", repparttar 129892 story simply flows ontorepparttar 129893 next naturally (at least I think it does!).

When I get "stuck" for a while, I take a long walk alongrepparttar 129894 stunningly beautiful beaches here, which really relaxes me and thenrepparttar 129895 thoughts simply "flow into my head". This takes hold and I get a clear vision ofrepparttar 129896 next small step ahead (always)- throughrepparttar 129897 amazing powers ofrepparttar 129898 subconscious mind , which is where our INSPIRATION comes from. .. and this leads, impels (nice word!) us into ACTION.

I study and write quite a bit aboutrepparttar 129899 amazing powers ofrepparttar 129900 human mind... and truly believerepparttar 129901 "powers" are available to ALL writers, when they simply relax and trust their intuition.

"Let Go and Let God,repparttar 129902 Universe reveal plot (or ANY IDEA to move forward) to you" through your CREATIVE IMAGINATION... and it never fails to work for me (in all areas of life, I believe)!

Enough "spiritual thoughts" and back to writing! Hope this may help in whatever endeavour you choose (artistic or otherwise), as it does me.

Killer Copy - What is it and how you can MASTER the Art!

Written by Chuck Crawley

Killer copy is a phrase that you probably see inrepparttar Internet Marketing arena quite often.

What exactly is Killer Copy?

First,repparttar 129889 word Killer is misleading. Killer as defined byrepparttar 129890 Webster's Desk Dictionary goes something like this... "to cause to be destroyed, to defeat or veto, to cause to cease operating".

Not exactly what you want to do with your ads and Web Page content. So, let's redefine what Killer Copy is all about.

We'll userepparttar 129891 words "Persuasive" and "Irresistible". Persuasive means "to cause (a person) to do something by appealing to reason or understanding". Irresistible means "incapable of being resisted, extremely tempting or enticing".

Now, Killer Copy is content that will cause a person to do something by appealing to reason and understanding. Creating content that a person is incapable of resisting. That's what I call Killer Copy!

Persuasive Copy should berepparttar 129892 MAJOR goal in your quest to make money onrepparttar 129893 Internet. Creating a Persuasive Ad leading to a Persuasive Web Page or Sales letter will literally make you rich overnight.

Just imagine an Ad that draws hundreds of responses every time that it is placed in front of your target audience. The responses from this ad then leads to a Web Page or Sales Letter that produces sales like a cash generator.

The reality of this scenario is really not that far fetched!

So how can you create Persuasive Copy for your product or service?

The first step to creating Persuasive Copy is to KNOW your product or service. Takerepparttar 129894 time to really study your product or service. Extractrepparttar 129895 benefits of your product or service that makes it incapable of being resisted. What is it about your product or service that is extremely tempting or enticing?

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