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Arthur Zulu

If you thought that writing and publishing are difficult things to do, then you are dead wrong! The fact is that both arerepparttar 129436 simplest things as far asrepparttar 129437 world of books is concerned. There is something that is harder than putting your thoughts on paper, and getting published. And what is it? you may like to ask.

It is promotion -- gettingrepparttar 129438 over 6 billion people out there to know that you have arrived. Ask any publisher writer. It’s a Sisyphian task!

Let’s consider one. When Edward Fitzgerald wrote ”The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam” he may never have known that he would sell millions. Now, he did not placerepparttar 129439 book in front ofrepparttar 129440 world 24 hours a day, but kept 100 copies inrepparttar 129441 window of a local bookstore. Then what happened?

It caughtrepparttar 129442 attention ofrepparttar 129443 poet and painter, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who after reading it, bought all copies ofrepparttar 129444 book, and gave them to his friends. And so startedrepparttar 129445 incredible success story ofrepparttar 129446 “The Rubaiyat”.

Well, fitzgerald was “lucky”. Because some published writers have given up writing as a result of poor sales, while others are still struggling to recover their publishing costs. Bad news.

But your window to glory is notrepparttar 129447 local bookstore. It isrepparttar 129448 Internet.

I am not, however, talking about other promotional techniques like link exchanges, Ezine ad swaps, subscription exchanges, or Ezine column swaps.

Neither am I talking about byline exchanges, signature exchanges, e-book exchanges, or private web rings. I do not also mean ride alongs, upsells, free bonuses, nor forum and list moderation.

So what am I talking about? It is Newswire.

This promotional method has succeeded in placing books inrepparttar 129449 best-seller pages of newspapers, and gotten writers before TV talk shows.

So, that best-selling book onrepparttar 129450 pages of The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, or The Washington Post may not even be better than your poetry piece or essay collection. It was made through promotion.

Phases of Instructional Design/Technical Writing

Written by Lisa Spurlin

The development of a project is typically done in four different phases. Inrepparttar project analysis phase, a market research is conducted to determinerepparttar 129434 courses that need to be developed andrepparttar 129435 information that they should cover. Inrepparttar 129436 design phase,repparttar 129437 development team collects relevant content from different sources, organizesrepparttar 129438 course content, and decides onrepparttar 129439 strategies to be used to coverrepparttar 129440 content. The actual course development occurs inrepparttar 129441 project development phase. Finally, inrepparttar 129442 project evaluation phase,repparttar 129443 effectiveness ofrepparttar 129444 project output is evaluated by collecting feedback from students and other organizations.

* Project Analysis * Design * Development * Evaluation

Project Analysis

The project analysis phase isrepparttar 129445 first phase inrepparttar 129446 development life cycle (DLC) of an ID project. The first task in this phase is to perform a market research to determinerepparttar 129447 requirements of potential students. This research is usually conducted byrepparttar 129448 marketing staff of a company. Based onrepparttar 129449 findings of this research,repparttar 129450 market requirements analysts providerepparttar 129451 course development unit ofrepparttar 129452 company with specifications regardingrepparttar 129453 courses that need to be developed. These specifications, which are inrepparttar 129454 form of an MRD (Market Research Document), includerepparttar 129455 title of each course, a set of broadly defined objectives for each course, andrepparttar 129456 target audience for each course.


Once a course is selected for development, it is handed over torepparttar 129457 project development team to markrepparttar 129458 beginning ofrepparttar 129459 design phase. Inrepparttar 129460 design phase, instructional designers userepparttar 129461 specifications inrepparttar 129462 MRD to collect relevant content from different sources and organizerepparttar 129463 course content in a proper structure. The development team members also refinerepparttar 129464 objectives suggested inrepparttar 129465 MRD according torepparttar 129466 course development standards defined byrepparttar 129467 company. Additionally,repparttar 129468 development team decidesrepparttar 129469 instructional strategies to be used while covering specific content inrepparttar 129470 course.

Since incorporating design changes atrepparttar 129471 final stages ofrepparttar 129472 course involves a lot of rework, identifying and rectifying design problems, earlier inrepparttar 129473 DLC, is critical forrepparttar 129474 successful and timely execution of a project. To ensure this,repparttar 129475 development team should be provided sufficient time inrepparttar 129476 project design phase. Additionally,repparttar 129477 project design should be reviewed regularly duringrepparttar 129478 course development.

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