Written by Bob Leduc

I received two postcards inrepparttar mail yesterday. One was cluttered with so much small text I had difficulty trying to read it. I gave up and trashed it.

The second postcard had a total of 48 words on it including a website address listed onrepparttar 101209 bottom ofrepparttar 101210 card. The card announced a new book on one of my favorite business topics. Part of one chapter was available to read free atrepparttar 101211 website listed onrepparttar 101212 card. I did... then orderedrepparttar 101213 book.

The person who sent that second postcard was usingrepparttar 101214 classic 2 step selling process:

Step 1. Generate leads - in this case traffic to her website.

Step 2. Providerepparttar 101215 requested information - in this case provided online atrepparttar 101216 website.

This two step process is proving to be just as effective online (Internet marketing) as it has been for many years in traditional marketing.


It's easier to generate leads than to sell products or services. You don't have to persuade anybody to spend money. Therefore you can use simple and inexpensive methods of advertising to generate leads. You can also build a list of prospects who don't buy now and use it for future follow up.

TIP: Always try to getrepparttar 101217 contact information from your prospects so you can communicate with them again inrepparttar 101218 future. Implement an automatic follow up procedure to periodically contact previous prospects who didn't buy. (This one procedure alone can increase your number of new customers by 50% or more.)


The purpose of a lead generating ad or message is to generate a large number of inquiries. You're not selling your product or service (yet). You're sellingrepparttar 101219 reader on repparttar 101220 action of replying to your ad. The most effective message I've found for generatingrepparttar 101221 maximum number of replies includes only 3 things.

Are You Maximizing Your Pay-Per-Click Returns?

Written by Chee Wee

Pay-per-click keyword advertising has become immensely popular as it enable advertisers to have better control over their budget.

Pioneer now serve over 2 billion search queries monthly and their premium listings appear on major search engines such as America Online, Lycos, Altavista, Netscape and Hotbot.

Withrepparttar tremendous volume of keyword bidding, there exist opportunities for your business to reduce bid costs while maintainingrepparttar 101208 same ranking!

I'm about to reveal a hot pay-per-click tip that will save you thousands of dollars in monthly bid fees. What is this secret? Read carefully ...

As at press time,repparttar 101209 top bid forrepparttar 101210 keyword "flower" on is $1.88. The 4th bid is $1.83 whilerepparttar 101211 5th bid cost just $1.21. securedrepparttar 101212 4th place while securedrepparttar 101213 5th bid. FTD could have reduced their bid to $1.22 and still remain inrepparttar 101214 4th spot!

Their savings per-click would be $0.61. Savings per thousand clicks would have been $610. "Flower" was searched more than 370,000 timesrepparttar 101215 previous month. If they had a click-through of just 3.0%, they could have saved $6771.00 onrepparttar 101216 keyword "flower" alone!

When wasrepparttar 101217 last time you checked your bids? You could reduce your bids while still maintainingrepparttar 101218 same ranking or get a top 3 position for maybe just 1 cent more!

It's all about bid optimization. So how often should you monitor your bids? I recommend that you check your bids for "bid gap" opportunities at least once a week.

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