Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

In September, 1830repparttar Right Honorable William Huskisson, M.P., a fast-rising English politician, turned up atrepparttar 117971 opening ofrepparttar 117972 Manchester Railroad, to see The Future.

Somehow, a man who many thought would end up Prime Minister, couldn't figure out how to get offrepparttar 117973 track, so that whenrepparttar 117974 first train started towards him -- he stood there and got run over, thereby becomingrepparttar 117975 first well-known person to succumb torepparttar 117976 dawning Railway Age.

Predictably there was an uproar with hotter heads feeling sure that banning railroads wasrepparttar 117977 only solution to such fatalities. The fact that Huskisson was notoriously near-sighted was lost sight of. The fact thatrepparttar 117978 casualty was himself responsible forrepparttar 117979 result wasn't nearly as good copy as calling for a ban onrepparttar 117980 hottest transportation development ofrepparttar 117981 19th century.

Hmmm. It all looks familiar to me, as daily more members ofrepparttar 117982 Chicken Little League cackle to high heaven thatrepparttar 117983 e-commerce sky is falling.

My, my how they cluck. But you know, two centuries from nowrepparttar 117984 Internet will still be here, working its wonders, just as (the last time I checked) there were trains.

The real issue is keeping your head while all about you people are losing theirs. Hence these recommendations on how you can profit inrepparttar 117985 current uncertain Web environment and position yourself forrepparttar 117986 absolutely certain future profit to come.

Recommendation #1: You're Going To Have To Work Hard To Achieve Online Success

Far too many people onrepparttar 117987 Internet still haverepparttar 117988 crazy idea that success online is inevitable, effortless, thoughtless, casual. It's not. Far from it. Becauserepparttar 117989 Internet is a new environment, it demands extra attention and more work than you'd have to perform if, say, you opened a standard retail shop.

Thus, you must make how to succeed online a subject of continual study. The 'net is still, after all, to a considerable degree a trial and error environment. That's good for people who like to use their wits to solve problems; not so good for people whose goal is to perfect their skills as Couch Potatoes.

The people who will succeed inrepparttar 117990 next phase will be, to a person, energetic go-getters, thinkers, and experimenters. The Internet is a gigantic laboratory, where millions of people are trying this and that. The people who approach repparttar 117991 task as WORK and not a day inrepparttar 117992 park, arerepparttar 117993 ones who standrepparttar 117994 best chance of success.

Frankly, I'm appaled byrepparttar 117995 habits of most Internet "marketers" and "business people." Probably because such well-publicized success came to a few online marketers so early (usually through inflated stock prices),repparttar 117996 idea took root that all you had to do was turn-up to grab your own brass ring.

This comfortable idea, so in tune withrepparttar 117997 prevailing "Take it easy" culture that most people find so appealing, is slow to die. But if YOU want success, you've got to kill it, root and branch. Can you do it?

Recommendation #2: Get The Tools You Need

The sad fact is that millions of people are trying to profit online without havingrepparttar 117998 tools they need to do so. It's nuts! These tools include

* your own domain, so you have your own property to develop * a listserver, so you can send unlimited non-spam email to your prospects, customers and subscribers * a sales manager, so you can follow up all your leads personally, automatically * professional website design * guaranteed traffic devices.

Without these absolutely must-have elements, you're toast.

Take a look atrepparttar 117999 tools you're working with now. Have you got each and one ofrepparttar 118000 ones you need? Or are you just fooling yourself? The people who make it torepparttar 118001 next phase of online profit will have these tools, no ifs, ands, or buts. The ones who don't will getrepparttar 118002 Huskisson Award for worst response to new technology.

Recommendation #3: Focus On Value

As I've said often enough, lots of what people are trying to profit from online is stuff nobody will ever need. In a word, they're trying to get rich selling junk. Friend, it ain't gonna happen.

If you want to make money online, you must offer VALUE online. Do you?

Now I realize that people have an unlimited ability to delude themselves about what they're doing, so it may take you a while to be honest with yourself about what you're selling. But PLEASE try!

Ask yourself these key questions:

* Do people really need what you're selling? * Isrepparttar 118003 price fair? * Can they get it elsewhere for less? * Are you offering VALUE, or are you just trying to make a big score off junk, so you can loll on a beach somewhere? Caveat emptor!

The companies which succeed online arerepparttar 118004 companies which offer online value. There's no future for you unless you offer value, too.

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Chin Up in Business!

Written by Dan Snow

As entrepreneurs, we all have those times when sales slump a little, or we feel stuck in a rut, or we're just not sure if we're even doingrepparttar right thing.

Before you let a bad day, or a deal gone sour, fill you with self-doubt - which WILL effect your business eventually, try these sure-fire ways to pick yourself up untilrepparttar 117970 next time you're celebrating a sale!

1. Read over your testimonials from past clients.

This will remind you of how valued your business is, and how much you have been appreciated. No testimonials? What are you waiting for? Get some! Get onrepparttar 117971 phone and call people who you know have been satisfied with your service inrepparttar 117972 past - tell them you're 'revamping your approach' (then it's not really even a little white lie!), and wondered if they would consider jotting down a few words about what your company did for them.

Most folks are delighted to oblige!

2. Call a mentor. You probably know lots of seasoned professionals who've been aroundrepparttar 117973 block a few times more than you. It doesn't matter if they're not inrepparttar 117974 same business - whatever business they're in , they've probably experiencedrepparttar 117975 same kinds of 'slumps' that you find yourself in now.

And again, most entrepreneurs who have 'been there, done that' would be happy to spend a few minutes encouraging you to carry on with what you're doing.

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