Written by Muhammad Nasser Bey


By M. Nasser Bey

I have been using computers for years now and have never owned a new one. Like many people I had little money when I started looking for a machine. Back inrepparttar early 90's when I got my first machine most new ones were way out of my league in terms of cost, it was then i decided to try to get a used machine.

Early on; many used machines that I could find were from colleges and companies that were upgrading. These organization may have had contracts to buy new machines every year or two and so they just gaverepparttar 107894 machines away or tossed then inrepparttar 107895 trash in some case.

I started my search for a good used machine atrepparttar 107896 libray inrepparttar 107897 magazine stacks looking for computer magazines that listed used resellers. I found several and sent for infomation which usually meant a catalog. After saving money from my business I got my first used Macintosh in 1995, it was an old Mac SE. As time went on I found I needed software and internet access.

Usingrepparttar 107898 software onrepparttar 107899 machine I began reading "readme" files on somthing called Gopher Space which was and still is a precursor torepparttar 107900 web for file searches. Using a program called gopher I began locating free software all overrepparttar 107901 world. Other sites like and provide unregisterd copies of software I still use, if you can standrepparttar 107902 message asking you to register everytimerepparttar 107903 program comes up it can be a pretty good deal.

As I began to build my small business I found it was useful to conduct trades of services forrepparttar 107904 things I needed instead of buying. One program I traded for was a Desktop Publishing program,that led to me offering ad space inrepparttar 107905 publications I created. I was able to trade services with several internet service provides for free internet access long before free access was being given away byrepparttar 107906 big guys. I have found that some Non-profit organizations give free internet access to people who provide information onrepparttar 107907 net, checkrepparttar 107908 organizations in your area, if you find one that provides this service, tell them that you are an INFORMATION PROVIDER and fill out their forms. They will send yourepparttar 107909 software you need to go online. Just don't abuse their service by spamming anyone or you will get yanked!

I was able to locate much ofrepparttar 107910 software I have been using in used bookstores since many such store have used computer how-to books and inrepparttar 107911 back of these books there are CD's or packs of disks. some of it is out of date and unsupported but still very usable to go online or perform other tasks like writing or web browsing.

Handling Arrays in VBScript

Written by Amrit Hallan

An array is a collection of logically related data items, where each item can either be accessed in a sequential order, or through supplying its index position.

Consider this:

Here we declare an index of dimension 5, which later on, comes to store six names, as, an index in an array starts at 0.

Thenrepparttar for loops dumpsrepparttar 107893 entire array ontorepparttar 107894 HTML page. People familiar withrepparttar 107895 for() {.} loop of JavaScript will notice thatrepparttar 107896 loop of VBScript is less cryptic.

Since now we have learnt how to create a VBScript array, let us try to sort this array. We'll sortrepparttar 107897 array in ascending order, that is, fromrepparttar 107898 lowest torepparttar 107899 top most inrepparttar 107900 alphabetical array.

So what'srepparttar 107901 logic?

1. Comparerepparttar 107902 first name withrepparttar 107903 second name 2. Ifrepparttar 107904 second name is lower thanrepparttar 107905 first name, then swap 3. else 4. Comparerepparttar 107906 first name withrepparttar 107907 third name 5. Ifrepparttar 107908 third name is lower thanrepparttar 107909 first name, then swap 6. else 7. Comparerepparttar 107910 first name withrepparttar 107911 fourth name 8. Ifrepparttar 107912 fourth name is lower thanrepparttar 107913 first name, then swap 9. else 10. Comparerepparttar 107914 first name withrepparttar 107915 fifth name 11. Ifrepparttar 107916 fifth name is lower thanrepparttar 107917 first name, then swap

So byrepparttar 107918 time we have reachedrepparttar 107919 11th step, we haverepparttar 107920 lowest name atrepparttar 107921 first position.

The second round starts atrepparttar 107922 second index index, asrepparttar 107923 first we already know isrepparttar 107924 lowest.

1. Comparerepparttar 107925 second name withrepparttar 107926 third name 2. Ifrepparttar 107927 third name is lower thanrepparttar 107928 second name, then swap 3. else 4. Comparerepparttar 107929 second name withrepparttar 107930 fourth name

and so on

I hope you've understoodrepparttar 107931 logic now. Let's see how it looks programmatically: © 2005
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