Written by Craig Lock

Realistically analyse your strengths and weaknesses. As a matter of interest, people generally list more weaknesses than strengths, especially women (nice things those!). Too often people discount their accomplishments and focus on what they haven't been able to do.

Making money in itself is not success, but rather a by-produc tof success. Most successful people use repparttar technique of visualisation to foresee ideal outcomes. If you can foresee getting your desires inrepparttar 123966 mind, then you can get there inrepparttar 123967 body.... at least I think so!

"As a man thinketh so is he." (the Bible) Haven't I got that one in already?

Success or failure is not a matter of luck. The key ingredient is a winning attitude, together with PERSEVERANCE andcommon sense.

Your attitude determines your destiny:

Remember to stick at a task when things don't go right. "Whenrepparttar 123968 going gets tough,repparttar 123969 tough get going", as my dear father used to tell me often. Did it work though with me? All successful people have true grit and stickability, as well as natural ability. The winner is oftenrepparttar 123970 person who gets up one more time than they are knocked down. You will hit attitudes in others who say 'you can't do it'. You have a choice then: a) To remain convinced that you can do it. b) Stay with their attitude and quit yours.

Allrepparttar 123971 world's greats would never have been great if they had listened torepparttar 123972 opinion of even their closest friends. Caruso,repparttar 123973 world's greatest tenor, was told his voice sounded like a tin can. Thomas Edison,repparttar 123974 inventor of motion pictures, was advised that no-one would pay to listen to sound coming from a screen. Edison told Henry Ford to give up making cars and work for him instead and make millions. Marie Curie was told to forget about radium. Laurence Olivier was told by friends to give up acting. Benjamin Franklin was told to stop fiddling with lightning. People told Johnny Weismuller (Tarzan) that no-one would ever beat his fifty swimming records. His 1936 world record was repparttar 123975 qualifying time forrepparttar 123976 1972 Olympics! Attitudes ofrepparttar 123977 time said his records could never be beaten. Now 12 year old girls regularly beat his times.

Christopher Columbus took 14 years to raise funding for his ships and crew before setting out on his explorations. The science and culture ofrepparttar 123978 day had said thatrepparttar 123979 world was flat. However, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain had faith in Columbus. With that faith and money behindhim, Columbus took just six months to discoverrepparttar 123980 New World.

Inrepparttar 123981 same way, a "flat-world mind-set" can limit our thinking and lead to mediocrity. Inrepparttar 123982 same way that you can train fleas to jump a certain height in a bowl, when you take awayrepparttar 123983 bowl, they still do not jump higher thanrepparttar 123984 learned height.

Our mind can tie us down and limit us, so that mediocrity becomes our destiny. Negative attitudes get cemented in concrete.


Written by Lee Wise


I opened my email and read this from my friend Jim: "This is probably directly from God. I had a long chat with Keith yesterday about my need to be an encouragement to him.

Thank you forrepparttar thought and good ideas on how to be what I need to be."

I had shared with Jim some ofrepparttar 123965 simple thoughts you are about to read. Then Jim sent me his note.

You know what? I loved it! Such a simple thing. "Just" a note.

I was encouraged.


I like to think of encouragement this way:

*"Encouragement is giving a moment of sunshine torepparttar 123966 soul of another person."

Just a moment of sunshine. Let me repeat that: "just a moment."

Many times that is all we need, right? It was a short note from my friend.

Very short.

I doubt if it took him more than five minutes to write and less for me to read.

But it touched my heart.


The beauty of encouragement is that it can be delivered in so many types of "packages."

It is as creative and thoughtful *as I am.*

I can send a note, say a kind word, surprise someone with my own unique "sunshine basket" as my wife calls them, take an extra moment to "connect" with a person by my smile, And...

You completerepparttar 123967 rest!!

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