Written by Craig Lock


I believe that heredity (the genes that you inherit) have some part in forming attitudes. However, most important in shaping them, isrepparttar family environment, especially in your early childhood:repparttar 123962 impressionable years up torepparttar 123963 age of seven. Also critical are your lifetime experiences and events (whether happy or traumatic) in later years. What is happening in your life today, yesterday and all those past years. There are three areas of life in which your attitudes are formed.

1. A sense of BELONGING which is picked up before birth. The "vibes" inrepparttar 123964 womb ofrepparttar 123965 mother (hard to be a father in this process) will determine whether we are really wanted byrepparttar 123966 mother, and this can determine our degree of security (or insecurity) in later life. You sound just like a psychologist now, Craig.

2. Your sense of WORTH will be determined by your immediate family in your early childhood. They instil in you an inner sense of well-being and of being loved. The role of mothers and fathers is critical inrepparttar 123967 socialization process forrepparttar 123968 development of your attitudes. Their expectations of you play a big part in your life script.

3. Your sense of COMPETENCE will also originate inrepparttar 123969 family environment. That is why it is very important to praise and encourage children. If they are continually reprimanded, children will feel that they can't ever do things right. This then develops intorepparttar 123970 child thinking, "I am a person of no worth who is no good at anything." This attitude grows over time and can be re-inforced inrepparttar 123971 working environment. Even extremely competent business executives can feel insecure on a personal level and have difficulty in personal relationships.


Golda Meier, an earlier Prime Minister of Israel, was once asked what made Israel such a success againstrepparttar 123972 might ofrepparttar 123973 united Arab armies. Israel, as you most probably know, is a small country set inrepparttar 123974 middle of a desert, with virtually no natural resources and no wealth. Meier replied, "All that my country has isrepparttar 123975 spirit of it's people. Ifrepparttar 123976 people lost their spirit, not evenrepparttar 123977 might ofrepparttar 123978 United States of America could save us." A right attitude throughoutrepparttar 123979 country overcame allrepparttar 123980 odds and insurmountable difficulties throughout it's turbulent history.

The top salesman for Bell telephones in America is a quadriplegic. Although he can only blink his eyes and open his mouth, his attitude and perseverance have made him num-ber one. (Stanford University after doing extensive research, said that all success is 87.5% as a result of your attitudes. Your skills, abilities and knowledge make uprepparttar 123981 other 12.5%).


1. Enlistrepparttar 123982 co-operation of a positive close friend that you can confide in. Share your personal goals and dreams. Ignorerepparttar 123983 "knockers" who will try to put you down out of jealousy (the "tall poppy syndrome" so prevalent here in New Zealand; but especially Australia).


Written by Mary Anne Hahn

"You're lucky you *have* a job!"

How often have we heard that? How many times have we been told that we should be thankful we're employed--as though our employers are handing us gifts--and that we're not one ofrepparttar lay off casualties we read about inrepparttar 123961 newspaper every week?

Don't those words make you absolutely cringe?

After all, how lucky are we, really? We get to wake up every day atrepparttar 123962 insistence of our alarm clocks, not our internal clocks. We drag our bodies out of bed, sometimes carrying leftover luggage from yesterday's events at work--the looming deadline,repparttar 123963 clueless boss,repparttar 123964 tedious tasks,repparttar 123965 rumors of an uncertain future.

Even ifrepparttar 123966 sun greets us when we arise, we barely notice it. Besides, why bother? From our cubicles and work stations, we won't get to see it much anyway. Many of us will be lucky if we even getrepparttar 123967 witnessrepparttar 123968 sun set each day because, if we want to remain amongrepparttar 123969 employed fortunates, we'd better put in some extra hours to stay on top of our work.

Oh, and let's talk about how truly lucky we are to have our ideas ignored, our skills under-utilized, our talents untapped. Or, when we do get a suggestion implemented, how little we get compensated for it, whilerepparttar 123970 person we shared it with getsrepparttar 123971 big bucks andrepparttar 123972 praise. Yippee!

Beginning to feel not so lucky after all? Good. That knot of discontentment inside you, that sense of disenchantment, are actually signs that you realize repparttar 123973 "lucky to have a job" line of thinking is a myth. In fact,repparttar 123974 opposite applies--*they're* lucky to have *you.* Moreover, if you're feeling unvalued and ignored, they don't deserve you.

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