Written by Kenn Gividen


I’ve decided to go public with my intentions: I will not be asking Ann Coulter for a date. There are some good reasons.

First, I’m married. Second, there is a substantial age differential. And, third, I fear rejection.

While reading Coulter’s book, How to Talk to Liberals (If You Must), I thought aboutrepparttar prospects.

A single, middle-aged guy who’s still trying to look like he’s in his 20s would make a perfect match. But before you pick uprepparttar 125863 phone to poprepparttar 125864 question, there are some things you need to know.

Keep in mind, for example, that Ann Coulter is relatively good looking. “Relative to what?” you ask. “A ’58 Buick? Tapioca? Phyllis Schlafly?"


You’ll also want to know that Coulter was born and raised inrepparttar 125865 Bubba Belt. That’s important. Not because she’s Ann Coulter, but because it’s a date. Any guy who’s openedrepparttar 125866 door for feminist, been called a chauvinist and then jabbed with an upper right (knee) knows all about this. Coulter is no feminist. You will openrepparttar 125867 door for her. And if you don’t, you may get jabbed with an upper right.

And that brings me to another announcement. Thursday, April 1, allrepparttar 125868 women ofrepparttar 125869 world are to meet in my living room. If you are a feminist, you will be tattooed with an X on your forehead. If you are not a feminist, you will be marked with an O. That will end door-opening offenses for women and considerable pain for men.

Back to our date with Coulter.

You will pick her up at her stylish Washington, D.C. apartment, say, 5ish. When you first seerepparttar 125870 flow of long blond hair coveringrepparttar 125871 left-side of her face, you may want to raise your eyebrows twice. That’s body language. It means “hubba-hubba” in Bubbaland. However,repparttar 125872 significance ofrepparttar 125873 left-face covering should not be noticed. Just gaze into her gorgeous right eyeball.

The preferred date forrepparttar 125874 evening will berepparttar 125875 NBA game. The Indiana Pacers will be playingrepparttar 125876 Detroit Bullets-oops-Pistons. Granted, it’s an unlikely event in Washington, but this is an imaginary date. Don’t get excited.

Small talk in route torepparttar 125877 event will be in order. You will notice Coulter loves words that no one can use or understand, except for her and William F. Buckley, Jr. The most common is “felonious.” Accordingrepparttar 125878,repparttar 125879 word is defined as “adj., relating to anyone Ann Coulter finds disagreeable.”

It also works well in titles. There was Alexanderrepparttar 125880 Great, Richardrepparttar 125881 Lionhearted and, accordingrepparttar 125882 Coulter, Bill Clintonrepparttar 125883 Felonious Liar.

UK Elections on the Horizon

Written by Birmingham UK Com

With elections onrepparttar horizon and Blair looking tired and increasingly defensive, just what is likely outcome ofrepparttar 125862 next election? The New Labour adoption of Tory plans and policies has created an almost parallel party in terms ofrepparttar 125863 Conservatives and Labour. Many people are confused and find it hard to tell them apart. The Labour Party will struggle to retainrepparttar 125864 loyalties ofrepparttar 125865 staunch labour support it has enjoyed overrepparttar 125866 decades.

The wind of change is inrepparttar 125867 air. Does this mean thatrepparttar 125868 defeat of labour is a foregone conclusion inrepparttar 125869 next election? Far from it –repparttar 125870 Labour Party, whilst certainly experiencing a rapid decline in popularity is far from defeated. They are still likely to winrepparttar 125871 next election - but a week is a long time in politics.

Labour candidates will admit that Blair’s popularity is well down on previous levels prior torepparttar 125872 Iraqi war. The recent doubts overrepparttar 125873 proposed new terror laws allowing suspects to be detained without trial has not helped. The accusations and continued exchanges between Tory and Labour overrepparttar 125874 NHS have not helped matters, any more than Blair’s attempts to win overrepparttar 125875 people with his misguided Television fiasco.

The Labour party have acted like true blue Tories in many respects. The very rich have got much richer under Labour. The gap between rich and poor, normally associated with a Tory government is very obvious under New Labour. People have noticed this. Old long term Labour supporters and their loyalty towardsrepparttar 125876 Labour Party is starting to crumble.

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