Written by Bob Leduc

A small ad can generate a greater return on your investment than any other type of advertising. You can also use it in a variety of media. For example, I often get profitable results fromrepparttar same small ad in all ofrepparttar 101025 following:

* Internet - posted as a classified ad at websites and in email newsletters (ezines). * Print - run as a classified or display ad in magazines. * Direct Mail - printed on a postcard and sent to targeted mailing lists. * Email - added as a "signature" torepparttar 101026 bottom of my email messages.

A small classified or display ad doesn't provide enough space to generate sales directly fromrepparttar 101027 ad. Instead, use repparttar 101028 ad to generate inquiries from prospects seeking more information or to generate visitors to your store or website. Apply your usual selling procedure to close sales when you getrepparttar 101029 inquiry or visitor.


By trial and error I developedrepparttar 101030 following 4 step procedure for creating successful little classified or display ads. You can follow this same simple procedure to successfully create your own profitable little ads.


Select one product or service to promote and tailor your ad to one targeted market. You can develop ads for many different products and target them to many different markets. But each ad will be most effective when it promotes one product to one targeted market.


The headline isrepparttar 101031 most important part of your ad. It capturesrepparttar 101032 reader's attention and provides a compelling reason to read your ad. The most effective headline clearly promotes your strongest benefit to readers in your targeted market. For example, "How To Build Your MLM Downline Fast" will immediately attractrepparttar 101033 attention of most network marketers. It offersrepparttar 101034 solution to their biggest problem... how to build their downline sales organization.

Going Fishing

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Every year about this time, we make our annual pilgrimage torepparttar waters ofrepparttar 101024 Atlantic to go striped bass fishing. Loadingrepparttar 101025 boat with allrepparttar 101026 essentials, such as something cool to quaff and piles of sandwiches, we grab our rods and reels and sally forth. But wait - did we forget something? Sure did - we need to have bait. What are they biting on this time of year?

Fortunately there is a bait shop onrepparttar 101027 way out, so we tie up torepparttar 101028 dock and go inside. There we talk withrepparttar 101029 owner who tells us they are biting on several different kinds, so taking his advice we buy several. At first we each use a different kind, and if they seem to favor one bait overrepparttar 101030 other, we all start usingrepparttar 101031 one that is attractingrepparttar 101032 fish.

Hmm - sounds familiar doesn't it. We dorepparttar 101033 same thing when trying to lure customers into our online offers. Like in fishing, you needrepparttar 101034 essentials in your business. Our web site and email programs can be compared torepparttar 101035 fishing equipment, but we have to haverepparttar 101036 proper bait. This is where your advertising comes in. Your ads are your bait, and you will need to use different ads to attract different customers.

Writing ads is a skill you must master if you wish your online business to prosper. There has been a lot written about writing effective ads. Sometimes what might be considered a bad ad byrepparttar 101037 pros is one that actually works. Why you might ask? Different styles appeal to different people, and you have to realize, that whilerepparttar 101038 web might provide a level playing field for entrepreneurs,repparttar 101039 likes and dislikes of potential customers are vary widely.

While "Glitz", and exaggerated earnings claims might appeal to some, to others it is a turn off. Wild claims about earnings potential might gather some prospects, but will be an automatic "click away" for others who prefer a low key approach. You must experiment with different ad copy, and keep records of what is drawing.

There are many ways to do this, and some suggest that you have multiple web sites geared towards ads that are running. In your ads, you point your visitors to different sites and by keeping statistics, you can see which ads are working.

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