Written by Bob Leduc

You're reading this article becauserepparttar headline captured your attention. It sparked your desire to know more about creating headlines. That'srepparttar 127282 mission of an effective headline. It capturesrepparttar 127283 reader's attention and provides a compelling reason to read whatever follows.

The headline isrepparttar 127284 most important part of any ad or sales letter. It determines whether or not people will read your message. You may haverepparttar 127285 best written copy inrepparttar 127286 world but you've wasted your time if your headline doesn't excite readers enough to read your message.

Here are some examples of effective headlines I found inrepparttar 127287 classified ad section of a popular website:

1. Lose 15 Pounds In 30 Days... And Keep It Off 2. Submit Your Ad To 200 Websites With 1 Mouse Click 3. Instantly Increase Your Orders By 29% 4. How To Make $2,000/Month At Home With Your Computer 5. Discover How To Reduce Your Fuel Bills By 43%

Each of these headlines clearly statesrepparttar 127288 benefit I can expect to get fromrepparttar 127289 product, service or business opportunity promoted inrepparttar 127290 ad underrepparttar 127291 headline. If I am interested in gainingrepparttar 127292 benefit, I cannot resist reading repparttar 127293 entire ad to find out more.


I've usedrepparttar 127294 following 5 step procedure many times to create powerful headlines. It's simple and easy to follow. Even someone without special talent, skill or previous experience can use it to create a captivating headline.

STEP #1. Define in writingrepparttar 127295 ideal prospect you want to capture with your headline. Be sure to includerepparttar 127296 characteristics that make your product or service valuable to this prospect.

STEP #2. Personalize this ideal prospect by visualizing them as one person you want to attract with your headline. Keep this vision of one person in your mind whenever you're writing a headline. Your ad or sales letter will be read by one person at a time. Therefore, you'll find it easier to produce an effective headline by visualizing just one person and writing to that person.

"4 Parallel-Logic Templates That Make Your Sales Letters & Ads More Enticing"

Written by Mike Jezek

Pay attention forrepparttar next few moments as I'll reveal 4 tricks ofrepparttar 127281 trade that'll make your sales letters and ads more enticing. These 4 effective tricks are found inrepparttar 127282 art and science of persuasion. Called Parallel - Logic phrases, they can definitely give your copy a more magnetic appeal. As you use these phrases you'll begin to notice your sales letters and ads taking on a new level of believability and effectiveness. What is a Parallel Logic phrase? Quite simply, a Parallel Logic phrase is a sentence that takes an unproven claim and ties it to a known fact. The following are 4 types of Parallel -Logic templates along with examples of how to use them. "Just as... So does... " Example: Just as Penicillin wasrepparttar 127283 breakthrough ofrepparttar 127284 century, so too will 'X' becomerepparttar 127285 latest breakthrough in fighting sickness and disease. Example: Just as Ted Hikes achieved an incredible profit of $45,000 in 90 days, using these investment strategies you'll also haverepparttar 127286 potential to see incredible results like Ted's. "If you... Then you'll... " Example: If you love watching war documentaries, then I know you'll love

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